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Johns Creek Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you slipped and fell while visiting another person’s property recently and believe that the property owner’s negligence may have caused your injuries, you could benefit from qualified legal representation. A Johns Creek slip and fall lawyer could review the circumstances of your case to assess whether negligence may have caused or contributed to your damages. A personal injury attorney from our firm could negotiate with the property owner and their insurance company for a settlement that reflects the total value of your damages or take your case to court if necessary.

Common Fact Patterns Surrounding Trips and Spills

Dangerous slip and falls can occur in several ways. Some of the most common causes of slip and fall incidents that can lead to significant injuries include holes in sidewalks, uneven pavement, malfunctioning escalators, insufficiently lit areas, broken staircases, and slick walkways.

A trip or spill on any of these surfaces can result in debilitating injuries, such as broken or fractured bones, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, contusions, torn or damaged muscles, and severe head trauma. If a person suffers an injury in a slip and fall accident and suspects that the incident could have been prevented if the property owner had not violated their legal duty of care, they should seek advice from an experienced Johns Creek attorney.

Liability in Johns Creek Slip and Fall Cases

Whether or not someone may be entitled to damages in a slip and fall lawsuit depends on the duty owed to them by the property owner at the time of the accident. Property owners owe a legal duty of care to invitees and licensees but are not required to guarantee the safety of trespassers, according to Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-3-1.

An invitee is an individual who has been invited onto the premises, either outright or impliedly. On the other hand, a licensee is a person who is allowed to be on the premises, such as an independent contractor who is responsible for general maintenance.

Finally, trespassers are not authorized to enter the premises. Even if someone enters the premises by error, they would still be considered a trespasser. A lawyer who practices in the Johns Creek area could help an injured claimant determine which level of care was owed to them by the property owner at the time of the slip and fall accident and advise them on whether they may be owed compensation.

Once a Johns Creek attorney establishes whether the property owner owed a legal duty to the claimant, they would need to show that the proprietor breached that legal duty, thereby causing the plaintiff’s injuries. Finally, the claimant’s injuries must have resulted in compensable damages in order for them to recover any accident-related expenses.

Speak with a Johns Creek Slip and Fall Lawyer Today

A Johns Creek slip and fall lawyer could evaluate evidence such as the incident report, photos of the accident scene, your hospital bills, pay stubs, and other relevant documentation and send a demand for settlement to the property owner’s insurance company. A diligent attorney from our team could also bring your case to trial if the opposing party offers a low settlement or attempts to shift blame. To learn more about what legal remedy may be available, contact our office today and arrange your case evaluation.

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