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Johns Creek Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Paralysis is one of the most devastating and life-altering injuries someone can endure. In an instant, a person’s future can be forever changed by this catastrophic injury.

If you were harmed due to another person’s careless behavior, a Johns Creek paralysis injury lawyer could vigilantly fight for justice on your behalf. A dedicated catastrophic injury attorney with an in-depth knowledge of the state’s negligence laws could exhaust every avenue in pursuit of the compensation you deserve.

Categories of Paralysis Injuries

A person who is paralyzed experiences either partial or total loss of sensation and function in a specific region of their body. Paralysis can affect someone from the waist down (paraplegia) or from the neck down (quadriplegia).

Paralysis can also be limited to a particular limb, which is known as monoplegia. Sometimes, a person can be paralyzed on one side of their body only. This is called hemiplegia.

In some cases, paralysis may be short-term, and rehabilitation and the passage of time may aid in healing. In other situations, a person’s paralysis is permanent.

Compensable Losses in a Paralysis Injury Claim

Paralysis injuries are by far one of the most catastrophic injuries someone can suffer, and they are often accompanied by equally devastating financial losses. When another person is responsible for these losses, a Johns Creek paralysis injury could help the victim seek recovery for their damages. If someone’s failure to observe their legal duty injured the claimant and caused their paralysis, that person could be liable for the resulting damages.

Examples of compensable losses in a paralysis injury claim include pain, suffering, surgery costs, medical bills, prescription expenses, rehabilitation and therapy expenses, and lost income. If the victim requires home modifications, they can also pursue compensation for these expenses.

Paralysis injury compensation can include more subjective losses as well, such as pain, suffering, loss of life enjoyment, loss of consortium, disability, emotional trauma, and mental anguish. If a person is paralyzed and can no longer work due to their injury, they could also claim compensation for future lost earning capacity.

Causes of Paralysis Injuries

Paralysis injuries can stem from a wide variety of accidents ranging from motor vehicle collisions to medical negligence. For instance, motorcycle crashes, bicycle wrecks, pedestrian accidents, and other severe roadway collisions are among the leading causes of paralysis injuries. Birth injuries such as nerve damage and Erb’s palsy can also cause paralysis.

Slip and fall incidents, tractor-trailer collisions, and sports incidents are also common causes of paralysis injuries. A Johns Creek attorney could conduct an exhaustive investigation into the factors that led to someone’s paralysis injury to determine the liable individual or entity.

Hire a Johns Creek Paralysis Injury Lawyer to Fight for Your Rights

It is important to secure qualified representation to preserve and promote your legal interests at each stage of your case. A Johns Creek paralysis injury lawyer could stand firm in pursuit of just compensation for your losses.

No monetary damages could every fully make up for a traumatic injury such as paralysis, but it may be possible to hold the liable party accountable for their negligent actions. If you or a loved one was paralyzed because of someone’s negligence, call a Johns Creek attorney today to discuss your legal options in a confidential consultation.

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