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Gwinnett County Rollover Accident Lawyer

Being trapped in a vehicle that has rolled over on its side or top can be an incredibly frightening experience. After such an accident, the vehicle involved is usually totaled. More importantly, you may suffer serious injuries that could have permanent consequences.

While a Gwinnett County rollover accident lawyer cannot reverse the effects of such an accident, our dedicated legal team could work hard to get you the civil compensation you deserve after the fact. An experienced car crash attorney could work with you to determine the cause of the incident in question, evaluate the costs associated with your injuries, and fight for a positive resolution to your case.

What Could Cause a Rollover Collision in Gwinnett County?

While any type of motor vehicle may roll over during a crash, cars with a higher center of gravity tend to roll more frequently. Large automobiles, like SUVs, tractor-trailers and pickup trucks, are particularly vulnerable because of their narrow wheelbase and high profile. Other causes of rollover accidents include:

  • Impact from another vehicle;
  • Speeding;
  • Sharp turns;
  • Poorly maintained roads;
  • Skidding accidents;
  • Unbalanced loads.

Rollovers may be single-vehicle wrecks. However, this does not necessarily mean the driver is responsible. Defective vehicles or parts are often the primary reason a rollover occurred.

Manufacturer Liability and Defective Vehicles

Every rollover wreck is unique, which means each rollover accident may involve a different liable party. In the most typical kind of case, another driver is liable for hitting a car and causing it to roll due to their own negligent actions. Alternatively, if a defective tire blows out or a defective suspension causes a driver to lose control of and roll their vehicle, the injured party may file a claim alleging injuries against the component’s manufacturer or a mechanic who installed it improperly.

Depending on the circumstances of a crash, other entities may also be held liable. For example, if a commercial truck is not loaded properly and rolls over, the truck’s owner, the driver, and the company responsible for loading the tractor-trailer could all bear partial responsibility.

Determining the specific cause of a rollover is often an important step when seeking compensation. Consequently, you may benefit from having a seasoned Gwinnett County rollover accident lawyer examine your case and identify the potentially liable parties.

Rollover Wreck Injuries

The survivor of rollover accidents may suffer from severe injuries, ranging in severity from broken bones to paralysis and other spinal injuries. People injured in rollover crashes may require life-long care in order to fully return to their previous life. This level of care needed may in turn place victims and their families in a devastating financial situation.

If a collision or encounter between two or more vehicles caused the rollover, Official Code of Georgia § 51-12-33 defines how comparative negligence may come into play. In short, if a court deems the plaintiff in a rollover accident case bears less than 50 percent of the total fault for their accident, they are eligible to recover damages.

However, their final damage award would be reduced in proportion to their assigned percentage of fault. Determination of fault depends on a thorough investigation of the incident, and a Gwinnett County rollover crash lawyer could work to ensure an accident victim is able to recover as much compensation as they deserve.

Talk to a Gwinnett County Rollover Accidents Lawyer

After a rollover crash, you should focus on healing from your injuries, not on dealing with all the complexities of a civil lawsuit. Our dedicated legal team could investigate the accident scene and the rolled-over vehicle, review police and medical reports, and interview witnesses so you may recover the compensation you need to heal.

Allow an experienced Gwinnett County rollover accident lawyer to handle your potential legal claim. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and start exploring your options.

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