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Gwinnett County Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Many drivers are concerned about getting into accidents on busy highways or other heavily trafficked areas, all of which are valid places to worry about a crash. However, parking lots are also prime sites for accidents, even though they are designed so that vehicles cannot move quickly through them. While parking lot accidents rarely involve fatalities as often as those on high traffic roadways, they can still result in considerable damage to vehicles and serious injuries. In light of this, getting in touch with a Gwinnett County parking lot accident lawyer after such an incident is far from an unreasonable move. Once retained, an attentive car wreck attorney could assess your case and help you recover compensation for injuries or property damage.

Types and Causes of Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lot accidents can involve both vehicles striking other vehicles and vehicles striking pedestrians. The most common causes of parking lots accidents in Gwinnett County include:

  • Hit and run by an at-fault driver;
  • Potholes;
  • Broken curbs and/or parking bumpers;
  • Poor lighting;
  • Drivers ignoring traffic patterns;
  • Drivers operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Loose shopping carts;
  • Snow or ice accumulation.

While anyone involved in a parking lot accident should call the police, some departments may not respond to accident reports on private property unless there is a report of a drunken or threatening driver. Even if the police will not come to the site, it is important to try to contact them and keep proof of the call in order to prove compliance with all Georgia state laws regarding traffic accidents. This can also help a Gwinnett County parking lot accident lawyer build a strong civil case on a plaintiff’s behalf.

Parking Lot Accident Injuries

While most parking lot accident injuries are relatively minor, that is not always the case. When a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, the latter party may suffer serious injuries no matter the speed at which the vehicle was traveling. The most common injuries in parking lot accident include:

  • Whiplash;
  • Fractures;
  • Spine and back damage;
  • Head injuries, including traumatic brain injury.

Anyone injured in a parking lot accident should seek medical treatment immediately, even if they think the injuries are minor. Some injuries, such as whiplash, may take a couple of days to manifest, but without a prompt medical examination, an insurance company may claim the person did not hurt themselves in a parking lot accident.

Parking Lot Accident Damages

A person who was hurt in a parking lot accident may be able to receive compensation for their injuries if they can prove someone else was negligent in a way that directly caused them harm. Potentially recoverable damages include medical expenses, lost wages, certain non-economic damages like pain and suffering, and costs for vehicle repair and replacement of damaged property.

However, under Official Code of Georgia §51-11-7, a plaintiff’s damages may be reduced if their actions also contributed to the accident. A parking lot accident lawyer in Gwinnett County could explain to you how this statute may affect your recovery in your particular situation.

Let a Gwinnett County Parking Lot Accident Lawyer Help

Should you choose to retain one, a car accident attorney could thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your parking lot accident by reviewing police reports and injury assessments, interviewing witnesses, and identifying potential defendants. While most parking lot accidents involve only the parties directly involved in the accident, there are times when the property owner is at least partially liable for the incident because of negligence or lack of maintenance.

Do not leave your recovery from a parking lot accident to chance. If you suffered damages because of someone else’s carelessness, you have the right to pursue civil recovery. Call a Gwinnett County parking lot accident lawyer today to get started on your case.

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