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Gwinnett County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

There are over a dozen nursing homes in and around Gwinnett County. When families choose to place a loved one in one of these many facilities, it can often be a very difficult—albeit necessary—decision. In most cases, these nursing homes will provide a clean, safe, and supportive environment.

Sometimes, though, nursing home staff may be negligent or act maliciously or recklessly towards the residents they are caring for. If this happens to your loved one, reach out to a savvy personal injury lawyer. A Gwinnett County nursing home abuse lawyer could help you and your family fight for compensation.

Nursing Home Laws in Gwinnett County

All nursing homes in Gwinnett County are expected to abide by the same laws. These laws are put in place to ensure that the residents in these homes are treated well, cared for appropriately, and can live in a safe environment.

In the state of Georgia, all nursing homes must abide by certain staffing and care requirements. To that end, a nursing home in Gwinnett County is required by law to have:

  • At least one registered or licensed nurse on duty at all times, as well as a dentist and physician whom residents have an opportunity to visit at least once a month
  • A certified dietician on site to ensure residents are receiving properly nutritious meals
  • Pharmaceutical services and social services available to residents
  • Social and recreational activities that allow residents to engage with one another
  • Clean and livable conditions at all times

Furthermore, physical and emotional abuse is never to be tolerated in a nursing home. Negligence, such as when a resident is left unattended in their room for hours without being given access to food or activities, is also never to be tolerated.

Criminal and Civil Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Some cases of nursing home abuse—particularly those that involve nursing home staff physically, emotionally, or sexually abusing a resident—may end up in criminal court. Convictions for criminal elder abuse may result in steep fines and possibly even jail time.

In other cases, a civil lawsuit may be filed for negligent behavior that is not necessarily criminal, such as when a resident comes to harm due to unclean living conditions. In these cases, the resident or their loved ones may file a claim against the nursing home that, if successful, could entitle them to compensation for the injuries they or their loved one sustained.

Criminal and civil cases are held separately from each other, and the outcome of one may not affect the other. While the state attorney will represent the state in a criminal court, a Gwinnett County nursing home abuse lawyer could represent the victim and their families in civil court.

Statute of Limitations

In Gwinnett County, the statute of limitations on nursing home abuse cases is two years from the date the abuse occurred, or when it should have been known the abuse was occurring. Knowing the signs of abuse and watching for them could help prevent a case from being thrown out of court because the statute of limitations has run out. For more information on the statute of limitations, contact a Gwinnett County nursing home abuse lawyer.

Consulting a Gwinnett County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

It may be very important that family members watch closely for signs of abuse. Elderly nursing home residents are not always vocal about experiencing abuse or neglect, often because they are ashamed or embarrassed. Other times, they may not even realize it is happening.

If you or a loved one were a victim of nursing home abuse, you should speak to a Gwinnett County nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible. These cases can be very complex, and a skilled attorney could be you and your family’s best chance at achieving a successful outcome in your case. Call now to schedule a consultation.

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