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Gwinnett County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

While motorcyclists and other drivers have mostly the same responsibilities on the road, motorcycle accidents are typically very different from accidents involving two or more passenger vehicles. Even when wearing a helmet, motorcyclists are much more exposed to the elements and other dangers on the road. On top of that, judges and juries are sometimes biased towards motorcyclists, thinking they are more likely to engage in risky behavior that could have contributed to an accident.

Due to these complexities involved in most motorcycle accidents, anyone who is struck by another vehicle while on a motorcycle may need the assistance of a compassionate personal injury attorney. If you are hurt in a motorcycle crash, a Gwinnett County motorcycle accident lawyer could help you with your case.

Motorcycle Accident Laws in Gwinnett County

Both motorcyclists and drivers in Gwinnett County must follow the same rules of the road. They cannot drive while distracted, must not drive at excessive speeds, and must follow all traffic signals and signs. All motorists must also watch for others around them and do everything possible to keep everyone safe on the road.

In addition to these universal rules, though, motorcyclists also have rules specific to them because of how exposed they are. The law requires that they wear a certified motorcycle helmet when riding, as well as eye protection that will keep out insects, debris, and other objects that could distract them and cause an accident.

It is important that all motorcyclists follow these laws, not only to keep themselves and those around them safe but also so they can protect themselves in a motorcycle accident claim. Even with the assistance of a Gwinnett County motorcycle accident lawyer, failure to adhere to these regulations could greatly affect the amount of compensation an injured biker receives.

Comparative Fault

In many motorcycle accident cases, the driver of the passenger car is primarily at fault. Even when that is the case, though, drivers will often try to place a portion of the blame on the motorcyclist involved in order to reduce the amount of compensation they could have to pay.

For instance, if a driver failed to see a motorcyclist and hit them in an intersection, the motorcyclist may sustain a severe head injury. However, if the motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet, the injured motorcyclist may be assigned a percentage of fault under Gwinnett County’s comparative fault law.

Partial Negligence in Motorcycle Accidents

If the motorcyclist is found to be partially negligent, their compensation may be reduced by that same percentage. Furthermore, if any party in a motorcycle accident is found to be 50 percent or more at fault for an accident, they are not eligible to receive any compensation for their injuries.

This is just one scenario in which a person may be found partially at fault for their own injuries, and it is only one-way motorcycle accident cases could become complicated. Fortunately, A Gwinnett County motorcycle accident lawyer could stand up for accident victims and help them communicate the facts of their case in pursuit of compensation for their injuries.

Consulting a Gwinnett County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today

Generally speaking, there is a statute of limitations of two years on motorcycle accidents in Gwinnett County. After this time, injured bikers could be barred from receiving compensation for their injuries.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, speak to a Gwinnett County motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. Time may be running out, and you do not want to miss out on your chance for compensation. To schedule a consultation and get started on your case, call today.

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