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Gwinnett County Defective Products Lawyer

While most consumer products people use every day are safe if used correctly, there are many defective or dangerous products on the market today that can result in serious injuries. When that happens, the victim should not have to bear the financial burden that resulting injuries and losses may place on them.

Do not let big corporations convince you that seeking civil damages is not worth the trouble—instead, team up with a determined personal injury attorney and cause trouble for the corporations. If you are hurt by an unreasonably dangerous or defective product, an experienced Gwinnett County defective products lawyer could help you fight for the justice—and compensation—you deserve. Call a proactive personal injury attorney today, and know that you are in capable hands.

Typical Sources of Defective Products

Injuries can be caused by a variety of everyday products, but certain categories of goods in the marketplace are responsible for a larger percentage of injuries, including:

  • Children’s products, including cribs, toys and clothing;
  • Sporting and recreational equipment;
  • Motor vehicles;
  • Household appliances;
  • Medical devices;
  • Cleaning products;
  • Machinery and equipment;
  • Food and beverages.

Ways a Product Can Be Defective

There are three key ways that a product may be found defective in a way that brings civil liability upon a seller or manufacturer. First, a design may be inherently dangerous due to its design. This means that all incarnations of that product are equally dangerous due to the same built-in flaw.

Other defects may stem from a problem in the manufacturing, which generally means that only one specific incarnation of a product is dangerous because of a specific error committed during its individual manufacture. Finally, a Gwinnett County defective products lawyer could help individuals file suit for a marketing defect if a product was designed and manufactured correctly but did not include proper instructions for use or warnings about potential dangers.

Establishing Fault in Gwinnett County Defective Products Cases

In a defective products case, there are many different parties who could be liable for a plaintiff’s injuries, including the designer, manufacturer, supplier, distributor, or seller. In order to establish fault against a negligent party, a plaintiff must prove that the product was defective when used as intended and that the condition in which it was sold directly caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

Large manufacturers and other companies involved in the creation and distribution of consumer products vehemently defend against defective product claims, often claiming as defenses that the plaintiff altered or misused the product, or that they knew of the product’s defect or danger and used it anyway. A steadfast defective products lawyer in Gwinnett County could work with you to contest such allegations and pursue appropriate compensation in spite of any efforts by defendants to deny it to you.

Available Damages in Defective Product Cases

According to Official Code of Georgia §51-1-11, anyone who is injured by a defective product can bring a cause of action, not just the original consumer who purchased it. The plaintiff filing a lawsuit can sue for economic damages such as medical bills, lost wages, and property loss, as well as for noneconomic damages like pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life.

In addition, Georgia allows for the award of punitive damages in certain defective products cases to penalize the defendant for, particularly egregious behavior. In Gwinnett County, there is no limit in the amount that can be awarded as punitive damages when a cause of action arises from product liability.

Talking to a Gwinnett County Defective Products Lawyer

When you use a product, you expect it to be safe, but too often common items cause serious harm despite the manufacturer’s duty of care to protect consumers. A dedicated Gwinnett County defective products lawyer could help you seek justice and hold those responsible for your injuries accountable. Call today to discuss your case.

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