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Gwinnett County Car Accident Lawyer

With so many people on the roads in Gwinnett County, accidents are bound to happen, and most of the time someone involved is at fault when they do. When this is the case, anyone injured as a result of the accident may be able to file a lawsuit to seek damages for their injuries.

Anyone hurt in a car accident should speak to a Gwinnett County car accident lawyer right away, as there may be compensation available that you are not even aware of and an attorney could help you pursue. A qualified lawyer could also inform you of the laws pertaining to car accidents in Gwinnett County and how they may apply to your case.

Reporting a Car Accident in Gwinnett County

When an accident occurs in Gwinnett County and there is over $500 worth of injury or property damage, the Gwinnett County Police Department must be informed as soon as possible. Even a simple fender bender could result in much more damage than that, so it is good practice to contact law enforcement after a collision.

The law also requires that all parties involved in the accident must exchange names, contact information, license numbers, and any insurance information that applies to them and their vehicle. They also must remain at the scene of the accident until all of this information is exchanged.

Unfortunately, many people drive around Gwinnett County without proper insurance, or without enough insurance to meet the state’s minimum requirements. This can make car accident cases much more complicated. In these situations, a car accident lawyer in Gwinnett County could provide particularly important help.

Filing a Lawsuit After a Car Accident

If the responsible party in a car wreck does not have enough insurance to cover the ensuing damages, a lawsuit may be filed to claim compensation. In order to do so, the plaintiff must be able to show that another party was negligent, In other words, that someone failed to act reasonably and subsequently failed to keep those around them safe.

Depending on the circumstances, more than one person can be found negligent in a car accident. When the plaintiff is also found to bear some responsibility for an accident, the doctrine of modified comparative negligence applies to their case. This means that any plaintiff found partly to blame for their own damages will be assigned a percentage of fault. Any compensation they ultimately receive will then be reduced by that amount.

Other parties besides the drivers involved can be liable for car accidents in Gwinnett County as well. When a part of a vehicle involved is defective, a car manufacturer or mechanic may be found negligent. It should be noted, however, that failing to maintain a vehicle properly and keep it in good condition would not qualify as a defective vehicle.

Lawsuit vs. Settlement

Not all areas of Georgia have requirements for settlement conferences, which can prevent a lawsuit from dragging on, causing those involved time, expense, and stress. In Gwinnett County, however, there are settlement options, such as mediation, that can help keep these cases out of court.

This is often a great option for all parties involved, as it can reduce the amount of time people deal with the aftermath of an accident and help them get on with their lives. That being said, while settlements can be beneficial for the plaintiff, the initial settlement offered may also not be enough to fully compensate the injured person. An experienced attorney could help ensure that someone receives the compensation they need to fully cover the costs of their accident.

Let a Gwinnett County Car Accident Lawyer Help

If you suffer an injury in a car accident that was the fault of someone else, a Gwinnett County car accident lawyer could assist you. There are many different issues involved in these cases, most of which require significant legal knowledge to manage effectively, which is why seeking legal counsel may be the key to a positive outcome in your case. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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