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Fulton County Truck Accident Lawyer

On major highways such as Interstate 20, Route 9, and Route 70, residents and visitors in Fulton County often encounter tractor-trailers and other large commercial trucks. Loaded full of thousands of pounds of commercial goods as they usually are, these trucks, unfortunately, cause or get into serious accidents more often than one would probably hope.

Injuries stemming from truck accidents are often severe and may stay with the injured party for the rest of their life. Because these trucks are so large, it is often the driver and passengers in smaller vehicles that sustain the worst of those injuries.

There are many complicating factors involved in these accidents that are not present in other motor vehicle crashes. Because of this, anyone involved in an accident with a large truck should speak to a dedicated attorney. A Fulton County truck accident lawyer to ensure their case is in the best possible hands.

Complications Involved in Truck Accidents

A truck accident case is typically very different than a car accident case involving two passenger vehicles. Firstly, there are federal and state laws that apply to large trucks of a certain size. For transport trucks, there are also regulations pertaining to how the trucking company and the driver operate and maintain their trucks, the hours they drive, and the records they keep.

Will a Truck’s Insurance Factor into a Claim?

In addition to state and federal regulations, the insurance requirements are also very different for large trucks. These policies can be confusing and involve not only insurance for the truck, but also the driver and the goods that are being carried. All of these may be a part of a truck accident case, and they can all cause a great deal of confusion.

However, a Fulton County truck accident lawyer may be able to help make sense of them. They could work with trucking companies, truck drivers who may be at fault, and various insurance companies to make sure the right data is collected and recorded about the truck, the trip, and the driver, and may be able to turn that data into a strong civil case on their client’s behalf.

Determining Negligence in Truck Accidents

After a truck accident, those injured often assume the truck driver is to blame, but that is not always the case. A part of the truck may have malfunctioned, or another driver may have swerved in front of the truck and caused the accident by forcing the truck driver to try to avoid the vehicle.

Can the Trucking Company be Declared Negligent?

In some cases, the trucking company may also be at fault if they hired inexperienced drivers or did not take the time and care to ensure their drivers were properly trained before heading out on the road. The trucking company may also be at fault if they did not allow for proper regular inspections of their trucks.

Of course, there are many instances in which the truck driver may be solely at fault. Truck drivers who operate their vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs or in a reckless manner on the roads are often found at fault in truck accident cases in Fulton County. Consult with a Fulton County truck accident lawyer today.

Let a Fulton County Truck Accident Lawyer Help

Those injured in a truck accident should always speak to an attorney to help them with their case. There is a good chance they may be entitled to compensation for their injuries, and because truck accident injuries are so severe, victims may not even be able to get out of the hospital in order to fight their case.

If you are involved in a serious car wreck involving a commercial truck, a Fulton County truck accident lawyer could collect evidence and speak to all parties involved on your behalf of pursuit of compensation for your damages. These cases can be some of the most complex of all personal injury cases, so if you are hurt in a truck accident, do not rule out how important the help of an experienced attorney could be.

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