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Fulton County Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and fall injuries are one of the most common causes of injury seen in emergency rooms across the country, and Fulton County is no different. While many people might not think of these injuries as serious, they can result in costly medical bills, physical therapy, and lost income due to time away from work.

It can be difficult to recover from slip and fall injuries, and it can be even harder to pay for the expenses related to that injury. However, if the injury stemmed from a preventable incident, the owner of the property where the accident occurred may be responsible for paying compensation costs related to those injuries. If they are, a dedicated personal injury attorney may be able to help injured individuals claim it. Get in contact with a Fulton County slip and fall lawyer today.

What is the Responsibility of Property Owners?

Property owners have a duty to keep their property in good condition that is safe for anyone visiting that property. If they fail to do so and someone becomes injured on their property as a result, a Fulton County slip and fall lawyer could hold the property owner liable for any costs related to that injury.

However, Fulton County slip and falls cases do not follow strict liability law, meaning that the property owner is not always found at fault regardless of the circumstances. The reason for the injured person being on the property and their own actions will also determine the liability of the property owner.

Licensees, Invitees, and Trespassers in Fulton County

In order to determine who was liable for a slip and fall injury, the court must first classify the individual as one of three different types of visitors to the property, each of which property owners have a different level of responsibility to care for. These types consist of

  • Invitees
  • Licensees
  • Trespassers

Invitees and Licensees

Invitees are those who enter the property for the mutual benefit of both the property owner and the visitor, typically to conduct business. A customer entering a store would be considered an invitee, as would a contractor entering the property to perform work on private property. Typically, property owners have the highest duty of care, or are the most responsible, for these individuals.

Licensees are people who did not enter the property for business purposes, such as a friend visiting another friend for a simple visit. Property owners must warn these individuals about potential hazards, but under most circumstances, their duty of care to licensees is much more limited than it is to invitees.


Trespassers are people who entered a property without permission from the owner. Property owners in Fulton County do not have any responsibility to clear hazards from their property if someone is considered a trespasser, or is there unlawfully. However, property owners also cannot intentionally harm trespassers that are on their property. The only time property owners owe a higher duty of care to trespassers is when they are children attracted to the property by some feature on it, such as a swimming pool or construction equipment.

Do Property Owners Have a Responsibility to Tenants?

Generally speaking, property owners in Fulton County are not responsible for injuries their tenants incur on their properties. However, there is an exception to this when the property owner is aware of hazards on the property that the tenant is not. If the property owner told the tenant about a hazard and appropriately warned them away from it, the tenant likely would not have a case if the hazard caused them harm. Get in contact with a Fulton County slip and fall lawyer today for more information.

How a Fulton County Slip and Fall Lawyer Could Help

Most slip and fall cases are much more complex than they seem at first. There are different classes of visitors and different responsibilities of property owners to those classes and to tenants. In addition, if the injured party contributed to their own injuries, they may have compensation reduced or they may not receive any at all. It is for this reason that these cases should not be fought alone.

If you suffered an injury in a slip and fall accident, speak to a Fulton County slip and fall lawyer today. A good attorney may be your best chance at getting the compensation you deserve, so call today to schedule an initial consultation.

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