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Fulton County Traffic Laws for Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists, like everyone else on the road, must follow the laws. Even if someone is aware of traffic laws for drivers, it is important to note that there are additional Fulton County traffic laws for motorcyclists.

These laws are meant to keep motorcyclists on the road safe. If you have any further questions about these laws, a knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney could provide answers.

How to Obtain a Motorcycle License

Motorcycles are defined under Georgia law as all motor vehicles that contain a saddle for a rider, no more than three wheels in contact with the ground, and engines that are 51 cubic centimeters or larger. To legally operate any vehicle that meets these classifications, all riders must obtain a class M license. Below are the various ways that Fulton County residents can obtain the proper licenses.

Class MP Permit

While a Motorcycle Instructional Permit, or Class MP Permit, is not required, it allows riders to practice operating a motorcycle in advance of taking a road test. In addition, those with these permits have priority in scheduling a road test.

To receive a permit, applicants must pass a vision exam and written test and be at least 16 years old. If they are under 17, they must complete a course to learn how to drive a car, as well. Permit holders can only ride during daylight hours, on certain classes of roadways, and cannot have any passengers on the bike.

Class M License

Motorcycle license applicants who opt out of taking a motorcycle safety course must be at least 17 years old and are required to take a vision, written, and driving test to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding, and skills.

Those who choose to take a state certified motorcycle safety course are not required to take either the written or riding portions of the test. Another benefit of completing the course is that insurance companies are likely to offer premium discounts.

Fulton County Helmet Laws

Unlike cars with protective crumple zones, motorcycles have little protection in the event of an accident. Georgia law requires all riders, regardless of age, to wear a helmet, as well as protective eyewear, at all times. Riders must ensure that their helmets and eyewear are approved by the United States Department of Transportation.

If riders are caught without helmets, they can be fined up with $1,000, ordered to perform community service, and, in rare circumstances, be sentenced to jail for up to one year. Riders who break Fulton County motorcyclist traffic laws by not wearing a helmet could also be barred from recovering any compensation for any injuries resulting from an accident, even if the crash was caused by another’s carelessness or recklessness. For more information about helmet laws and how they could impact a claim, contact an experienced lawyer.

Follow Fulton County Motorcyclist Traffic Laws and Enjoy the Ride

Adhering to all Fulton County traffic laws for motorcyclists could help you make sure you and your rights are protected. Discuss the laws with a well-versed attorney by calling today for a free consultation. An attorney could help you make sure you are fully following the law.

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