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Fulton County Hit and Run Car Accident Lawyer

When you suffer injuries in a car accident, the medical bills, pain, and uncertainty can be overwhelming. If the driver who caused the crash leaves the scene, you may be even more uncertain of what to do. In this situation, a Fulton County hit and run car accident lawyer could offer you the assistance you need.

Becoming the victim of a hit and run driver can make a bad situation quickly turn worse. Since you do not know the identity of the other driver, you also do not know whether they had insurance coverage or what policy limits might apply to your situation. A practiced car accident lawyer could help you determine your options and choose the resolution that will be most effective for your situation.

Hit and Run Accidents in Fulton County

Drivers leave the scenes of accidents for many reasons. In some cases, they are merely inexperienced and afraid of getting in trouble for causing an accident. More commonly, however, drivers leave the scenes of accidents because they are violating the law in some way, such as driving:

  • Without a valid license;
  • Under the influence of alcohol or drugs; or
  • Without insurance coverage.

A driver also may leave the scene if they know that they have an active warrant for their arrest or because they were otherwise engaged in illegal activity. Whatever the case may be, a hit and run accident can leave an injury victim with no way to contact or identify the responsible driver. For more information, reach out to a knowledgeable attorney.

Identifying Drivers

Following a hit and run accident, a driver may be able to assist law enforcement officials in identifying the potentially responsible party. If possible, anyone injured in a hit and run accident should contact law enforcement immediately and try to document as much as possible about the crash. While this is not possible in all cases, and particularly if someone was severely injured, it can provide helpful information to law enforcement officers as they investigate the accident.

What Should Someone Document from the Other Driver?

Anyone injured in a hit and run accident should write down any identifying information about the driver who fled the scene. These details might include a physical description of the driver, the make, model, and color of their vehicle, and any information about their license plate. All these details can be crucial in helping police identify and apprehend perpetrators of hit and run accidents.

How Does Uninsured Motorist Coverage Come Into Play?

Although an injury victim may not be able to look to an insurance policy belonging to the hit and run driver for coverage of their medical expenses, they may be able to look to their own policy for coverage. Georgia law does not require that drivers carry uninsured motorist coverage, but it does require that insurance companies offer it to all drivers. This form of coverage can protect drivers injured in a hit and run accidents or in crashes where the responsible drivers have no insurance coverage.

A Fulton hit and run car accident lawyer could determine whether an injured driver has uninsured motorist insurance coverage available. If no such coverage appears to be in force, an attorney may be able to investigate whether the insurance company offered uninsured motorist insurance coverage to the policyholder as required by law.

Consult a Fulton County Hit and Run Car Accident Lawyer

While you may feel powerless after a hit and run accident, there may be avenues of relief that are available to you. Take advantage of these potential opportunities by reaching out to a Fulton County hit and run car accident lawyer today. You may be surprised to learn about your options in the aftermath of a hit and run accident.

While you may be uncertain about how to proceed, seeking legal assistance is always a smart move. The sooner you reach out for legal advice, the more quickly you can get assistance with any claims that you may have. Call now.

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