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Fulton County Child Injury Lawyer

An accident involving a child creates sadness, uncertainty, and fear, and family members often focus on doing everything necessary to help their child recover from their injuries. In some cases, the injuries take time to heal; however, injuries may lead to a lifelong disability in other cases. Seeking the proper medical treatment is crucial and should be the top priority whenever this tragedy occurs.

If your child sustained a severe or life-threatening injury, you might be permitted to recover the compensation on their behalf with the aid of a seasoned personal injury attorney. A Fulton County child injury lawyer could help fight for your rights through negotiations with insurance companies or lawsuits against the responsible parties. You could achieve the financial resources needed to manage the future care of your child.

Compensation for Future Care

Severe child injuries can be especially damaging because children have a long future to deal with their injuries. Furthermore, some head injuries may cause developmental problems in children that may inhibit their learning and cause them to fall behind in school or work. Additionally, emotional damage can also provide a tremendous amount of suffering for children throughout their lives.

Following a significant injury, a child may require several years of physical therapy, counseling, or tutoring to help treat the damages caused by an accident and catch up from any developmental issues. However, these costs for the future care of an injury can quickly become expensive for a family. Treatment may be required well into a child’s adult years, so the burden of paying for the necessary care for several years typically falls on the parents of an injured child.

Families should understand that the amount of compensation is set once they reach an agreement or a judgment is entered. Therefore, a family can no longer go back to ask for a higher amount if further injury results from the accident or if needed treatment extends for longer than previously expected. An experienced Fulton County child injury attorney could evaluate a claim to determine the full scope of recovery and ensure full and effective care.

What is the Process of a Child Accident Lawsuit?

When a child injury claim is filed with the court while the child is a minor, the lawsuit is typically filed on behalf of the minor by a parent, guardian, or appointed guardian ad litem for the case. The focus of the claim will be the child’s best interests and seeking compensation for the damages and losses of the child. Additionally, parents or other family members may also incur significant expenses due to this injury and may be entitled to seek recovery for their losses in a separate lawsuit.

A child can also wait until they are no longer a minor to file an injury claim against the responsible parties. State law typically provides a broader period for individuals to seek recovery when the injury occurred to a minor. Under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 9-3-90, an individual under the age of 18 at the time of an accident is entitled to the same statute of limitations period after turning 18 years old.

Although there may be more opportunities to file a case for a child injury, it is important to start preparing for a lawsuit soon after an injury occurs. A knowledgeable child accident lawyer in Fulton County could help investigate a claim and secure the necessary evidence to prepare for filing a claim.

Contact a Fulton County Child Injury Lawyer for Guidance

When your child experiences a significant injury due to the negligent or wrongful actions of another party, you may feel a sense of fear for your child’s life and anger toward the responsible parties. A Fulton County child injury lawyer understands the severe stress that follows this event and could fight to seek justice from the responsible parties. Call today for a free and private consultation to discuss your case.

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