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Fulton County Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses can be seen all around Fulton County. Whether they are Greyhounds or other buses taking people to far away destinations, or buses taking children to school, buses are a common sight in Fulton County. And now with the new transit plan, there are about to be more of them.

And while buses can be very helpful in getting people to and from destinations, they also come with their share of accidents. When these accidents occur, it is often the driver of the bus that is automatically blamed.

However, there can be many possible liable parties involved in a bus accident. And a Fulton County bus accident lawyer could find them and hold them liable for paying compensation to injured individuals. If you were injured in a bus accident, speak with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney about whether you have a viable claim.

Commercial Bus Accidents in Fulton County

In cases where a bus accident is the fault of the bus driver, those injured in the accident may have more than one option. They may file a lawsuit against the driver of the bus personally, which would make them responsible for paying compensation if the courts side with the injured party.

However, the company the bus driver works for may also be held liable. It is the company’s responsibility to ensure they are hiring qualified drivers that do not have a history of accidents, and that they are training them properly. Bus companies are also responsible for ensuring that their buses are in good working condition and are safe for those that board them.

When the bus company has failed to do any of those things, they have acted negligently. Most personal injury lawsuits revolve around negligence. This is a legal concept that states that someone was required to act reasonably and failed to do so.

Could Other Drivers Bear Responsibility in a Bus Accident?

Other drivers can even be held liable for a bus accident. For example, if a driver cut a bus off, and the bus had to swerve or behave in a manner that otherwise caused an accident, that driver may also be held liable.

Commercial bus accidents can be complex due to the number of different parties that may be found negligent. However, a Fulton County bus accident lawyer could help determine which party was negligent and hold them liable for paying the necessary compensation.

Accidents Involving School Buses

School buses are considered one of the safest types of vehicles on the road. Still, people make mistakes and accidents sometimes happen. When they do, these cases can be some of the most difficult.

This is due to the fact that school buses are often owned by the local government. And filing a lawsuit against the government can be difficult. Lawsuits against the government have very specific procedures that must be followed. And they also have their own timeline that does not apply to other personal injury cases. When filing a suit against the government plaintiffs must follow what is known as the ante litem notice which is a strict, early deadline for notifying the government of the intention to sue.

Will Fulton County’s New Transit Plan Affect How Suits Are Filed?

Now that Fulton County’s transit plan has been approved, early notification deadlines will be a factor. These buses will also be owned by the local government, making these cases particularly difficult as well. A seasoned attorney will be aware of all details involved in filing a lawsuit against the government and can do all the legwork so that you can focus on your recovery.

Importance of Consulting a Fulton County Bus Accident Lawyer

Filing a lawsuit against big bus companies can be difficult. These companies have teams of lawyers that will argue that you were fully or partly to blame for the accident and that can reduce the compensation you may receive. Often, these companies will even try to claim you were liable if you were standing on the bus.

Filing a lawsuit against the government can be even trickier. These lawsuits have strict timelines and documents that must be filed properly and, if they are not, the entire case may get thrown out. If you have been injured in a bus accident, speak to a Fulton County bus accident lawyer who could help.

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