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Forsyth County Shooting Injury Lawyers

If or a loved one was injured in a shooting, you have the right to seek monetary damages from your attacker. That may not be your only legal option, however. If the shooting could have been prevented by the owner of the property where the shooting occurred, you might have a viable claim against them.

Recovering from gunshot wounds can be costly. If your shooting injuries are a result of a property owner failing to protect you, a Forsyth County shooting injury lawyer can help you make sure you have the resources you need. A skilled injury lawyer could able to help you recover compensation.

Liability in a Shooting Case

To establish that their client is entitled to compensation, a Forsyth County shooting injury attorney must prove that the property owner was negligent in failing to prevent the shooting. One unique aspect regarding shooting injury lawsuits is the requirement of foreseeability.

Are Property Owners Liable in All Shooting Cases?

A property owner is not financially responsible for every crime that occurs on the premises. Instead, they only face liability if they knew or should have known about the high risk of violent crime on the premises but failed to take any action to deter it. While shootings can happen anywhere, two types of properties that commonly involve shooting injuries are apartment complexes and shopping centers.

Where Are Shootings Most Likely to Occur in Forsyth County?

The frequency of shootings at a Forsyth County apartment complex far exceeds those that occur at private residences. Apartment complexes are more likely to be the scene of a shooting, given the higher number of people living in close proximity. Shootings and other violent crimes are also more difficult to prevent given the ease a trespasser could enter the common areas of some apartment complexes.

To prevent violent crime, there are a number of steps a property owner or manager might take. These include:

  • Hiring on-site security or doormen;
  • Fencing the perimeter of the property;
  • Pass-coding entry points;
  • Installing security cameras; and
  • Installing appropriate lighting.

Similarly, the owner or manager of a shopping center must take note of the potential for crime in and around the center and take the steps necessary to secure the property. There are several signs the property owner should consider. First, if the property sits in a high crime area, a potential shooting could be foreseeable.


Further, prior similar crimes on the property will also put a mall owner on notice that these crimes are foreseeable. If there is a history of shootings or violent crime, a jury could find that a shooting injury was foreseeable. Establishing the foreseeability of a mall shooting is one of the primary hurdles for a Forsyth County shooting injury attorney.

How an Atlanta Shooting Injury Lawyer Could Help

If you or a loved one suffered an injury in a shooting, skilled legal counsel could help you recover compensation for your injuries. A Forsyth County shooting injury attorney could review the facts of your case and advise you on your chances of recovery.

You do not have to take on a negligent property owner alone. To start the process of pursuing the damages you deserve, contact a Forsyth County shooting injury lawyer today.

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