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Forsyth County Parking Lot Car Accidents Lawyers

Although they typically see slower speeds, accidents still occur in parking lots and have the potential to cause bodily injury or property damage. Motorists can also occasionally speed through a lot and cause even more severe injuries. If this kind of event happened to you, it would be wise to call a lawyer who works with Forsyth County parking lot car accidents lawyer. A seasoned car accident attorney could be your best chance to recover compensation and bring the at-fault party to justice.

Differences Between Accidents on Roads and in Parking Lots

When compared to accidents that take place on the street, it may be more difficult to acquire a police report for a parking lot accident because law enforcement does not always respond to them. If they do respond, they might refuse to issue a citation or determine the cause of the wreck if it occurs on private property.

The response to a parking lot accident differs from what it would be on the open road, because sometimes law enforcement officers are less inclined to issue a citation or determine the cause of a wreck in a private property setting. In other scenarios, like on public streets, they generally would issue a citation if they determined that one of the drivers violated Georgia driving laws. They are likely to respond quicker on the roadway because they need to make sure that any disabled vehicles or injured pedestrians do not provide a hazard for other drivers.

How Do Insurance Companies Tend to Treat Parking Lot Accidents?

If there is no citation issued or if the officer is unable to determine what factors contributed to a wreck, the insurance companies will sometimes use that as an excuse to deny liability, even though it may be clear that their insured is at fault. If there are no witnesses and the officer did not create a report, there would be no documentation of what happened in the local parking lot car wreck. That could allow the at-fault party to escape responsibility.

What Qualities Should a Claimant Look for in a Lawyer?

Someone looking to file a claim should find out if the lawyer or law firm has experience litigating parking area auto accident cases in Forsyth County. They should learn if the lawyer has a history of being willing to go to trial and receiving positive jury verdicts. If they are not willing to go to trial, or they have a poor record to show for it, the claimant may have few options at their disposal.

Liability in Parking Lot Accidents

Slower speed limits and more pedestrians play a role in terms of changing the rules of safe driving in a parking lot. If someone is going slower, they would have a better opportunity to foresee that a collision is about to occur and react to avoid it. If they are unable to avoid a wreck, they most likely would have less significant injuries because the momentum of the vehicle is lower. Momentum is a significant predictor of the significance of the property damage and the associated injuries.

It is important to learn all of the facts of a parking lot accident to determine which side played may have played a part. If the plaintiff is involved in a wreck and it is determined that they were more 50 percent or more at fault for contributing to the accident, they would not be able to recover any compensation. If it is determined that the injured person is less than 50 percent at fault, their compensation award will be reduced accordingly. For example, if they were 30 percent at fault for causing an accident, their damages would be reduced by 30 percent.

Find a Forsyth County Parking Lot Car Accidents Lawyer today

You should not try and manage a civil lawsuit on your own. A lawyer with a history of prosecuting parking lot car accidents in Forsyth County could help you seek the compensation you need. The odds of success increase if the attorney has more time to prepare the case. Call now to see what our legal team could do to put you on the road to relief.

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