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Forsyth County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Nursing homes are supposed to take care of their resident’s needs and provide a safe place for them to live. Unfortunately, not every nursing home facility and caregiver take this duty to their residents seriously, and as a result, many residents may experience abuse and neglect.

If you believe your loved one suffered harm in an assisted living facility, contact a Forsyth County nursing home abuse lawyer right away. A compassionate personal injury attorney could help you pursue compensation for their trauma and deter any future harm.

What Are the Types of Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing home abuse can come in many forms. Some abuse is a side effect of carelessness or neglect, while other forms of abuse may be intentional. Some of the categories of nursing home abuse may include physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and financial abuse. Regardless of the type of abuse, a seasoned Forsyth County nursing home abuse attorney could review the facts of a case and guide a family through the steps of filing a civil lawsuit.

Physical Abuse

A resident suffers from physical abuse when they endure an intentional act that causes them pain or bodily harm. In many cases, physical abuse involves striking, pinching, or choking. The unnecessary use of physical or chemical restraints may also fall under physical abuse.

Emotional Abuse

A resident may suffer emotional abuse when a staff member inflicts anguish, humiliation, or intimidation through the use of words, gestures, or isolation on to the victim.

Sexual Abuse

Due to the vulnerability of many residents, sexual abuse may occur in nursing homes. In many cases, elderly residents may not to able to consent due to their mental capacity.

Financial Abuse

While nursing home residents have the right to manage their finances, vulnerable nursing home residents can fall victim to financial abuse. This abuse can take the form of stealing or coercing a resident to transfer their assets.


Neglect occurs when a caregiver refuses or fails to provide the necessary treatment and care to a nursing home resident. In some cases, neglect is a byproduct of an understaffed facility. In other cases, however, neglect may be intentional.

What is the Statute of Limitations in an Assisted Living Abuse Case?

State law establishes a time limit in which a plaintiff may file a nursing home abuse lawsuit, and a failure to meet this statutory deadline may result in the loss of ability to pursue compensation. In the State of Georgia, the statute of limitations on a nursing home abuse lawsuit is two years from the date of injury. A diligent Forsyth County assisted living abuse lawyer could work to ensure that a victim of nursing home abuse files their lawsuit promptly and correctly.

Seek Help from a Forsyth County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

When your loved one endures abuse in a nursing home facility, the perpetrators should be held responsible. Not only can a civil lawsuit help your loved one cover their damages from the abuse, but it also can act as a deterrent to future abuse. To start working on your loved one’s case, call a Forsyth County nursing home abuse lawyer today.

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