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Forsyth County Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Georgia’s traffic laws are designed to protect bicyclists as much as operators of motor vehicles. However, in many cases, drivers disregard these protections and fail to properly protect bicyclists. The end result can be devastating, as the injuries associated with bike accidents can have life-altering consequences. However, a Forsyth County bicycle accident lawyer could help you pursue damages related to your injuries.

As the roadways in Forsyth County become more crowded, the risk of severe bicycle accidents increases. If you are injured in a crash, you have the right to hold the person responsible for your injuries accountable. A skilled injury lawyer can work with you to make that happen.

What Damages are Available after a Forsyth County Bicycle Accident?

Due to the severity of injuries in bicycle cases, the potential damages can be high. In addition to these financial burdens, an injury victim could also face additional losses due to having to miss work because of the injury. If the crash was the result of another’s negligence, a Forsyth County bike crash attorney could help a victim identify the available damages.

Medical Bills

One of the most significant expenses that can result from a bike accident is medical bills. Emergency room bills can be costly, and the ongoing treatment that goes along with recovering from an injury can add up over time. Through a bike wreck lawsuit, a person can seek to recover not only past medical bills but expected future medical costs as well.

Pain and Suffering

Intangible losses are also compensable in a comprehensive claim. This can include any pain and suffering that was caused by the injuries resulting from the crash.

Lost Wages

In many cases, the injuries sustained in bike crash can leave a cyclist out of work for weeks or months. Those lost paychecks can have an enormous impact on their ability to pay their bills and afford medical treatment. A plaintiff has the right to seek compensation for those missed paychecks from the responsible party.

What is the Role of Comparative Fault in a Bike Wreck Claim?

In the past, many states barred a plaintiff from recovering damages in a lawsuit if they were partially responsible for the accident. However, Georgia operates under a legal theory known as “modified comparative negligence.”

Under Georgia law, a plaintiff is only eligible for compensation if they were 49 percent or less at fault for the accident. A jury will also generally reduce the total amount of damages awarded to a plaintiff by their percentage of fault. In other words, a plaintiff that is 30 percent at fault would recover 70 percent of their total damages. Determining fault is the job of the jury, but a skilled Forsyth County bike crash attorney could help illustrate how the other party was at fault.

Contact a Forsyth County Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Recovering monetary damages from the driver responsible for your injuries can be challenging. Knowledgeable legal counsel may help you maximize your recovery. To learn more, contact a Forsyth County bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible for a consultation.

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