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DeKalb County Texting While Driving Car Accident Lawyers

When a motorist looks away from the road for even a moment, the chances of an accident occurring increase substantially. If you were involved in a crash with a texting driver, an experienced injury attorney from our team could advise you on your legal rights and options for moving forward.

When you suffer injuries in a collision with a texting driver, you may be entitled to pursue monetary compensation. The recovering your damages is complex, but a DeKalb County texting while driving car accident lawyer could help you every step of the way.

Texting While Driving Laws in DeKalb County

Under state law, any use of a mobile device which does not make use of hands-free technology violates traffic regulations. The current law against texting while driving is known as the Hands-Free Georgia Act. This Act prohibits most uses of a mobile device while driving. There are certain exceptions that are important to understand, however. For example, drivers may make and answer phone calls by using a hands-free Bluetooth device. The statute also exempts the use of a mobile phone as a GPS unit.

What is Forbidden Besides Texting?

The current texting law applies to more than just sending or receiving text messages and phone calls. Any use of a mobile device to read, send, or receive data violates the statute. This includes reading e-mails, watching a video, or manipulating the phone by hand. The statute also applies not only to mobile phones but to notebooks and tablets as well.

When a driver texts behind the wheel, it can have significant ramifications in a lawsuit. A texting driver who causes an accident could face civil liability for the injuries they cause. A DeKalb County attorney could assist an injured claimant in recovering compensation following a texting while driving car crash.

Time Limits for Filing a Civil Suit

Like with any lawsuit, there is a time limit on when an injured person can file a texting while driving auto wreck claim in DeKalb County. Known as the statute of limitations, this deadline is strictly enforced by the courts, and a person who fails to bring their claim within the mandatory time-frame could be barred from obtaining any compensation whatsoever. For claims related to bodily injury or death, the time limit for filing a suit is two years. This two-year window begins on the day of the accident.

What is “Tolling”?

There are some limited exceptions where the statute of limitations is paused. Known as “tolling,” these pauses essentially extend the time limit for a person to file suit. For help with understanding which deadlines apply to a certain case, it is best to consult an experienced texting while driving car crash lawyer in DeKalb County.

Call a DeKalb County Texting While Driving Car Accident Lawyer

If you are ready to move forward with a lawsuit, it is important to retain qualified legal counsel before entering litigation. An attorney who is familiar with lawsuits involving distracted drivers could be substantially beneficial in your pursuit of compensation.

Due to the potential severity of a texting while driving crash, it is crucial that you take every step possible to maximize your financial recovery. To learn more about your legal options, set up an initial consultation with a DeKalb County texting while driving car accident lawyer today.

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