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DeKalb County Shooting Injury Lawyers

Even when shooting injuries are not fatal, the injuries suffered can have permanent repercussions. When these injuries are preventable, a DeKalb County property owner could face civil liability for shooting injuries that occur on their land.

A property owner must make a reasonable effort to prevent foreseeable criminal activity on their premises. Should a property owner fail to make a reasonable effort to prevent crime, they could face civil liability for a shooting that occurs on their property. A DeKalb County shooting injury lawyer could help you hold a negligent property owner accountable through litigation. With the help of a dedicated negligent security attorney, you could seek the compensation you are entitled to.

Shootings in DeKalb County

Shootings and other violent crimes are unfortunately common in some places in DeKalb County. Two areas where shootings frequently occur are apartment complexes and shopping centers. There are a variety of reasons why shootings are more common at apartment complexes than private residences. The large number of people living within a compact area can lead to altercations. Additionally, it is much easier for a trespasser intending to commit a crime to go undetected in an apartment’s common space compared to a home.

Apartment complex owners and their management face the same risk of civil liability as other property owners following a shooting. If the property owner failed to take reasonable steps to prevent a shooting at an apartment complex, they could be liable for damages stemming from the shooting.

Some examples of steps apartment complexes could take to deter violent crime include:

  • Secure gates and external fencing;
  • Proper external lighting;
  • On-site security;
  • Doormen; and
  • Surveillance cameras.

Much like at apartment complexes, shopping malls also see higher levels of gun violence. The owner of a shopping center could face liability if they failed to address the risk of violent crime before a shooting. To recover monetary compensation, a DeKalb County shooting injury attorney must establish the shooting was foreseeable. Proving foreseeability could include establishing neighborhood crime statistics or evidence of similar shootings occurring on the premises previously.

How an Attorney Can Help

Pursuing a claim for a shooting injury can be complex. An injury victim could benefit from working with a DeKalb County shooting injury attorney in their effort to hold a property owner accountable. Some of ways experienced legal counsel could help include:

  • Reviewing the facts of the shooting to determine liability;
  • Compiling medical bills and records for use at trial;
  • Researching neighborhood crime statistics;
  • Identifying similar criminal acts that previously occurred on the property; and
  • Negotiating a settlement with the defendant or their insurance carrier.

Reach Out to a DeKalb County Shooting Injury Lawyer

If or a loved one was injured in a shooting, you are entitled to seek compensation for those injuries. In addition to the shooter, a negligent property owner could also be held liable.

If you are prepared to take on the owner of the premises where the shooting occurred, a DeKalb County shooting injury lawyer could guide you through the litigation process. To learn more, call today.

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