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DeKalb County Front-End Car Accident Lawyers

Many devastating car accidents involve a front-end collision or head-on crash, which is when the front bumpers of two vehicles strike each other. These accidents can be severe, especially when one or both vehicles are traveling at high speeds. It can be challenging to identify the at-fault party in a front-end crash. While some cases involve a driver who clearly entered the oncoming lane, others are not so clear.

Fortunately, a seasoned auto collision attorney could assist you with investigating the cause of your crash and determine who may be liable for your injuries. A DeKalb County front-end car accident lawyer could evaluate your situation and help you seek damages following a head-on crash.

What Are Head-On Collisions?

Accidents involving two vehicles colliding with each other head-on could form the basis of a successful civil claim for damages. However, any collision where a driver sustains damage to the front of their vehicle could qualify as a front-end crash.

The most common type of front-end collision occurs between vehicles traveling in opposite directions on a roadway. One or both of the vehicles could drift into the oncoming lane and cause a crash. This is especially common on wide curves but could happen on any stretch of undivided roadway.

Assigning Liability for an Accident

Fault in front-end collision cases usually lies with the driver who violates the right of way. The right of way indicates which driver can enter a space first when two or more vehicles approach it at the same time.

A motorist who ignores another driver’s right away before entering an intersection, for example, could be held liable for any damages a person suffers in a subsequent head-on collision. A DeKalb County head-on collision attorney could help an injured driver obtain financial compensation for their medical bills and other accident-related expenses.

Shared Fault

Determining fault could be straightforward in some cases. In others, it can be difficult to assign fault for a crash to a single party. In many cases, both drivers will share responsibility for causing a head-on crash. In DeKalb County courts, liability is determined by a standard known as modified comparative negligence.

Modified comparative negligence allows an injured person to recover compensation in a front-end car accident claim as long as they are less than 50 percent responsible for the incident. However, a claimant who is 50 percent or more at fault would not be permitting under the law to recover their damages.

Can the Plaintiff Recover if They Were at Fault?

Additionally, if the jury does determine that a plaintiff is partially at fault, they must reduce their compensatory award in proportion to their percentage of liability. An experienced lawyer in the DeKalb County area could help a person injured in a front-end car crash refute allegations of modified comparative negligence and obtain maximum compensation.

Contact a DeKalb County Front-End Car Accident Lawyer Right Away

Front-end collisions are often the most severe type of car accident and typically carry the steepest consequences. These accidents can have life-long affects in the form of permanent injuries.

If you are living with injuries from a front-end crash, you could have a legal claim against the responsible driver. A DeKalb County front-end car accident lawyer could assist you with your claim, so schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

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