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DeKalb County Boat Accident Lawyers

Unfortunately, not everyone who assumes control of a boat takes their responsibility as a boat operator seriously, and as a result, they may cause a severe accident. If you were injured due to a boat driver’s negligence, you should speak with a DeKalb County boat accident lawyer. A skilled personal injury attorney could handle any challenges during the legal process so that you can focus on your recovery.

Pursuing Compensation After a Boat Accident

Someone injured in a boating accident may accrue insurmountable medical bills. While new bills pile up, an accident victim may miss work due to the injuries and therefore lose valuable income. Fortunately, if the negligence of another person caused an accident, the at-fault party may be legally obligated to pay an injured party compensation to make up for the harm they caused. This compensation often comes from the individual’s insurance company.

In addition to compensation for economic losses such as medical expenses, damaged equipment, and lost wages, the responsible party also may pay damages to cover non-economic effects such as pain and suffering. A DeKalb County boat accident attorney could assess an accident victim’s situation to evaluate an appropriate amount of compensation when negotiating during settlement talks and at trial.

What is the Comparative Fault Rule in DeKalb County?

In many situations, a combination of actions may cause an accident. If the injured victim may be partially to blame for an accident’s occurrence, that person may still be entitled to recover from other responsible parties.

According to the state’s comparative fault rule, if a court determines that a plaintiff is 49 percent or less at fault for their injuries, then they may still recover damages. In this situation, the injured party may receive an award that the court reduces by their percentage of fault. For instance, if an accident victim is 10 percent at fault for their injuries and receives compensation for $50,000 in damages, their total recovery would be reduced by $5,000.

Statute of Limitations

State law limits the amount of time a boat accident victim has to file a claim for compensation. In most cases, a lawsuit must be prepared and filed within two years of the date of the accident or the right to seek damages may be lost. If the party responsible for the incident is a government entity, a plaintiff must file an ante litem notice within six months of their accident.

How Could a Lawyer Help with the Deadline?

A DeKalb County boating collision lawyer could work to ensure that all necessary actions are taken in time to comply with the statute of limitations. A person should contact an attorney well before the deadline becomes an issue because a legal professional could not only advocate on their behalf but also collect but also preserve evidence to support their claim.

Consult an Experienced DeKalb County Boat Accident Lawyer

When operated inappropriately, boats can cause serious injuries. As a result, when a boat driver behaves recklessly, they should be held accountable for any harm they cause. An experienced DeKalb County boat accident lawyer could help you pursue compensation if you or a loved one suffered injuries in a boating accident.

To learn how an attorney could help in your situation, call now for a free consultation.

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