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Decatur Scaffold Falls and Collapses Lawyers

A scaffold is an important piece of equipment found on construction sites in Decatur and across the country. A scaffold is an elevated workspace that is used on a temporary basis to allow workers to be where they need to be. This means that workers are elevated to dangerous heights. If the scaffold were to collapse, it could cause serious injuries or even death to any workers on it. Because of this, safety and compliance are essential.

If you were injured on a scaffold, make sure to act quickly. The Decatur personal injury lawyers at Shiver Hamilton Campbell can help you understand your legal options and ensure you obtain compensation for injuries stemming from a scaffold accident.

Types of Scaffolding

The following types of scaffolding are used in the construction industry:

  • Single scaffolding. This is the most basic type of scaffolding and it is primarily used for brick masonry.
  • Double scaffolding. This scaffolding involves two rows of scaffolding and is mostly used for stone masonry.
  • Suspended scaffolding. In this type of scaffolding, the working platform is suspended from the roof with chains or wire ropes and can be lowered or raised.
  • Cantilever scaffolding. Also known as needle scaffolding, this type of scaffolding uses a separate scaffold that is angled out from a structure.
  • Trestle scaffolding. Trestle scaffolding involves a working platform that is supported on ladders or movable tripods.
  • Steel scaffolding. Steel scaffolding is made of steel tubes and is easy to put together and take apart.

Common Issues With Scaffolding

One of the most common issues with scaffolding is that the planks or support footing can give way, causing the scaffolding to collapse. This usually happens when the planks are overloaded with materials or workers. Because of this danger, employers need to ensure they comply with the scaffolding manufacturer’s instructions. This means enforcing all weight restrictions.

Other common issues with scaffolding include:

  • Falls from heights
  • Being crushed by scaffolds
  • Objects falling on workers on scaffolds

Safety Tips

Contractors, foremen, and construction site supervisors can do their part to keep workers safe while working on scaffolding. Here are some tips:

  • Ensure that the scaffold is constructed properly and complies with all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.
  • Keep in mind the various scaffolds, surfaces, and inclines and limit access as needed.
  • Ensure all scaffold users are properly trained and follow safety guidelines.
  • Train workers to recognize possible safety problems before use.
  • Stay organized while on the scaffold, as clutter can cause workers to trip and fall.
  • Be aware of weather hazards, as using a scaffolding in high winds or storms can be dangerous.

Contact A Decatur Scaffold Falls and Collapses Lawyer Today

Scaffold accidents can result in fatality. Those who survive often suffer from catastrophic injuries that can last many years or even the rest of their lives.

The Decatur personal injury lawyers at Shiver Hamilton Campbell can help you handle scaffold falls and other construction accidents. Let us help you with financial and physical recovery. To schedule a free consultation, call (877) 215-6111 or fill out the online form.

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