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Decatur Construction Accident Lawyers

The construction industry is very dangerous for workers. A huge reason why is that construction work is physical in nature. Plus, these job sites tend to have numerous safety hazards, including heights, electricity, machinery, and heavy materials. These hazards can result in serious workplace accidents, especially when there is a lack of training involved.

Construction accidents can lead to long-term, debilitating injuries or even death. In fact, the construction industry accounts for 20% of workplace fatalities. More needs to be done to prevent these accidents from occurring. However, many contractors cut corners on training and safety to save money. This often leads to bad outcomes.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a construction accident, count on the Decatur construction accident lawyers at Shiver Hamilton Campbell. We’ll give you the legal help you need to recover.

Causes of Construction Accidents

Construction accidents can happen in numerous ways, such as the following:

  • Falls. Construction projects often occur at high elevations, making falls likely. Most falls occur on roofs, open-sided floors, and near stairwells.
  • Slips and falls. Falls caused by slippery floors are also common. Ice, water, and debris can cause a worker to slip and fall on the same level.
  • Electrocutions. Construction sites often deal with electricity. Electrocutions occur when a worker comes into contact with overhead and underground power lines, damaged receptacles and connectors, and other power sources.
  • Getting struck by an object. Workers need to know how to use equipment properly. They should also employ safety measures, such as parking brakes, tool guards, reverse vehicle alarms, and personal protection equipment.
  • Caught in/between objects. Sometimes workers concentrating on their jobs find themselves stuck between vehicles and other machinery. When a worker’s body part is caught, crushed, or compressed between two or more objects, this is called a caught in/between accident. Examples include collapsing materials, equipment rollovers, body parts caught in machinery, and getting pinned between fixed objects.
  • Vehicle accidents. Construction sites often have many vehicles, including dump trucks, forklifts, backhoes, and graders. Workers may fall off these vehicles or dump loads onto other employees. Drivers may also collide with employees, crushing them.
  • Power tool and machinery accidents. Many accidents happen through the use of machinery and power tools. Accidents may happen due to electrical failure, mechanical defects, lack of proper safety equipment, or inadequate training.
  • Ladder and scaffolding accidents. Scaffolding accidents are generally caused by inadequate support, but in some cases, the worker may get injured by slipping or getting hit by a falling object.

Contact Our Decatur Construction Accident Lawyers Today

Construction sites are inherently unsafe. These hazards result in dangerous situations for workers. If you have been injured, make sure you understand your legal options.

Workers’ compensation may not be your only recourse. The Decatur personal injury lawyers at Shiver Hamilton Campbell can assess your case and give you solid advice. Schedule a free consultation to get started with your claim. Call our office at (877) 215-6111 or fill out the online form.

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