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Cobb County Texting While Driving Accident Lawyer

The rise of the digital communications age has given people the ability to remain in touch almost anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, this temptation can become too much to handle when behind the wheel of a car or any other motor vehicle. Texting while driving is a highly distracting activity that leads to a large number of accidents every year. This has become such a prominent problem that state law prohibits this behavior.

People who have suffered injuries in situations where another driver was texting behind the wheel have the right to seek out recompense for their losses with aid from a seasoned Cobb County texting while driving accident lawyer. This can often include payments for medical costs, compensation for emotional trauma, and reimbursement for economic losses. Texting while driving car accidents in Cobb County could entitle you to collect significant payments.

State Law Strictly Prohibits Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is always a reckless activity that endangers drivers and all other people on or near the road. Taking one’s attention off the road for a few seconds to read a message significantly delays a person’s reaction times. Typing a message is even more dangerous.

Because of these dangers, texting while driving is against the law everywhere in the state. In Georgia, drivers cannot use any form of electronic communication device while behind the wheel. This covers all possible activities, including merely holding the device in their hand. While there are exclusions to this rule, such as using a cell phone to call emergency services, the law presumes fault for car accidents that result from texting while driving in Cobb County.

This presumption is so strong that a ticket for texting while driving after an accident is direct evidence of fault in a legal setting. An attorney could investigate whether the issuance of a ticket led to a conviction in traffic court.

People Who Suffer Injuries in Texting While Driving Car Accidents in Cobb County Deserve Full Compensation

As with any other example of a car crash, texting while driving car accidents in Cobb County have the potential to change every part of a person’s life. These collisions can result in life-threatening physical injuries that require major medical intervention. A demand for compensation could seek payments for the costs of an ambulance ride, ER treatment, surgery, hospitalization, and rehabilitation.

A car crash could affect people in more ways than just physical injuries. These incidents could also negatively impact a person’s quality of life or jeopardize an individual’s ability to return to work. In every car accident case that results from texting, a driver and their insurance company must provide full compensation for all relevant losses.

Speak to a Cobb County Texting While Driving Accident Lawyer Today

Texting while driving is one of the most reckless and dangerous things that a person can do while on the road. This has become such a problem with the rise of cell phones that state law now makes this activity a crime. In the most extreme examples, texting while driving can be the cause of collisions that result in major injuries. If you have endured one of these injuries, you have the right to collect compensation for your losses. An attorney could help you to pursue your texting while driving car accident case in Cobb County. Give them a call now to schedule a consultation.

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