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Cobb County Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

While motorcycles share the roads with other vehicles, they offer less protection to the people who ride them. A crash on a motorcycle can often leave someone with life-changing injuries and may even result in death. If you sustained damages in this way, contact a Cobb County motorcycle accident lawyer to pursue compensation.

From speaking with insurance companies to establishing the defendant’s liability, an experienced personal injury attorney could help with all aspects of your lawsuit. Your likelihood of success increases when you work with a legal professional.

Communicating with Insurance Companies

After a motorcycle accident, the plaintiff must reach out to their insurance company; and the defendant’s insurance company will likely contact them as well. The injured individual must be careful about what information they divulge, as it could have an impact on their ability to recover damages.

Plaintiff’s Insurance Company

The plaintiff must report the motorcycle accident to any company that insures them. This will likely spark an investigation. The insurance company for responsible party pays the damages. Therefore, if they were indeed the innocent party in the situation, the plaintiff’s insurance company likely will not pay for any injuries or property damages suffered by the plaintiff.

The Defendant’s Insurance Company

The defendant’s insurance company will likely contact the plaintiff shortly after the accident occurred. They will probably offer the plaintiff a small amount of money to settle the case and attempt to avoid litigation. The plaintiff should not take this offer without seeking the advice of a Cobb County motorbike collision lawyer. The attorney could tell the insurance company to direct all communications to them, so that the injured party does not say anything that can be used against them. Because this attempt to end the matter will happen early, it is wise to retain a lawyer as soon as possible after a crash.

While the lawyers are in negotiations, the insurance company for the defendant may wish to settle a suit before it goes to trial. The plaintiff ultimately has the final word on whether to accept a settlement.

Liability for a Motorcycle Accident

Drivers owe a duty to others to operate their vehicle responsibly so that they avoid causing injuries to others. This duty extends to motorcycle riders, who operate their vehicles in a manner that avoids a collision with another motorcycle or car. A driver acts unreasonably when they handle the vehicle differently than how the average person would handle it in similar circumstances.

While the defendant might be liable, they could also argue the plaintiff contributed to the accident. When the plaintiff also unreasonably handled their motorcycle and contributed to the cause of the accident, they must bear some fault for it. A local motorcycle accident attorney could help minimize the amount of exposure the plaintiff has in regards to liability.

Official Code of Georgia § 51-11-7 precludes the plaintiff from recovering if they could have avoided the accident through ordinary care. However, if the plaintiff merely contributed to the accident, their recovery is reduced according to the amount they contributed. The plaintiff may not recover damages if they are more than 50 percent responsible for the accident.

Call a Cobb County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents can leave you with a significantly different life. Fortunately, you are entitled to hold the defendant liable for the economic harm you have been burdened with. You need legal counsel with experience in litigating these types of cases.

While establishing liability can be a difficult task, a Cobb County motorcycle accident lawyer could help you prepare a successful argument. Contact us so that you not lose out on damages you are entitled to.

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