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Cobb County Dog Bite Lawyers

Getting bit by a dog or injured by any animal can be a traumatic experience, especially for children or the elderly. While pet owners should control their dogs, there are some steps you can take to avoid a dog bite if you encounter a strange or aggressive dog. If you have been attacked, a trustworthy personal injury attorney might be able to help.

In Cobb County, the owner of the pet that injured you may be responsible, even if the pet was not known to bite or be aggressive before the attack. Whether or not you have a claim for personal injuries can depend on a variety of factors, including the location where the bite occurred. Learn more about local laws and ordinances that apply to dogs and their owners and how a Cobb County dog bite lawyer might help.

Avoiding an Attack

Cobb County Animal Services recommends staying away from all strange dogs. No one should run up to a dog or try to pet it since there is no way to know if it will be friendly.

If approached by a strange dog, they should not run or scream, but stand still until the dog loses interest. Even if a pet is with its owner, it is good to exercise caution. Always ask an owner if it is okay to pet their dog and allow a dog to sniff a hand before petting it.

People should avoid petting a dog while they are eating or chewing something, as well as when they are sleeping – they may become startled and bite. Exercise extra caution around dogs with their puppies, as mothers can be protective and bite if they think their puppies are being threatened. An injured person should describe their behavior towards the dog to a Cobb County animal attack lawyer to help determine liability.

Injuries from Dog Bites

Dog bites can lead to a number of physical injuries. They have strong teeth and jaws which can easily mangle skin, muscles, and other tissue. More severe attacks can damage internal organs and require urgent medical attention.

Common dog bite injuries include bruising, lacerations, wounds, scarring, and broken bones. In addition, if the teeth puncture the skin, the bite can become infected and require additional medical care, such as antibiotics or vaccinations.

Dog Bite Laws in Georgia

Prior to 1985, the state used the “one bite” rule that said a dog owner was not responsible for a bite unless their dog had been known to bite before. In 1985, the Georgia legislature passed a revision to the law which limited the one bite rule, depending on the county where the attack occurred. If someone who suffered a dog bite injury can show that the injury occurred in a location where the animal was required to be on a leash or “at heel,” they do not need to prove that the dog had been known to bite before. A local dog bite attorney could help construct this argument and present it in court or at settlement negotiations.

What Are Cobb County Leash Law?

Under Cobb County Ordinance § 10-11, pet owners must keep their animals on a leash while on most public property. In addition, pet owners must restrain and control their animals to prevent them from attacking people, as well as other animals. These rules also require owners of dangerous dogs to take further precautions as necessary, such as restraining and/or muzzling the animal.

Seek Justice with a Cobb County Dog Bite Lawyer

When you are attacked or bitten by someone’s pet, there is always a risk of physical harm or infection. A Cobb County dog bite lawyer could navigate Georgia’s laws and manage the legal claim on your behalf. Call us now to set up a consultation with one of our legal professionals.

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