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Cobb County Dangerous Drugs Lawyers

Whether it is over-the-counter, prescription, or a combination of both, thousands of Cobb County residents depend on pharmaceutical products to treat illnesses, manage pain from injury, and lessen the impacts of long-term health conditions. While most of these products work as intended, the rapid pace with which new medications are produced and marketed means that some of them are released for sale before all their potential effects are known. Some are released without appropriate instructions for safe use.

If you suffered harm due to unlisted or undisclosed medication side effects, you should consider talking to a Cobb County dangerous drugs lawyer about your legal options. With guidance from a skilled personal injury attorney who has experience handling these types of cases, you could significantly improve your chances of establishing a pharmaceutical company’s fault for your injuries and recovering fair compensation for your damages.

What Makes a Medication Unreasonably Dangerous?

Because medical products and medications play such a crucial role in maintaining the public’s wellbeing, the pharmaceutical corporations that manufacture them are granted some leeway when it comes to civil liability for product defects. This means that drug companies cannot be found at fault through civil litigation every time one of their products has an unsatisfactory outcome.

However, if a medication has an unreasonably unsafe design, becomes tainted due to an error during manufacturing, or did not have warnings on its packaging listing all known side effects and contraindications, the company which made that drug may be responsible for harm sustained by consumers. Unfortunately, it is not unheard of for drug companies to knowingly suppress information about their products’ potentially hazardous impacts in the interest of maintaining their profit margins.

Anyone who is unsure whether the injuries and losses they experienced are due to the drug should talk to a Cobb County defective drugs attorney about the possibilities for litigation. Contacting legal counsel sooner rather than later is generally the best move in these situations, as state law grants civil plaintiffs only two years after discovering their injuries in which to start filing a lawsuit.

Options for Recovery After a Dangerous Drug Injury

On top of the rules for civil liability that apply to drug manufacturers, civil lawsuits over dangerous drugs can also be complicated by the sheer scope that a defective medication can have. A single unreasonably dangerous medical product may cause harm to hundreds or even thousands of people throughout Georgia and across the United States, making it difficult for an individual plaintiff to achieve a positive resolution to their unique case.

In light of this, it is sometimes best to combine multiple dangerous drug claims into a single mass tort or class-action lawsuit, allowing multiple plaintiffs with similar causes of action to work together in their pursuit of financial restitution. A dangerous medication lawyer in Cobb County could go into further detail about this and other possible filing options during a private consultation.

Speak with a Cobb County Dangerous Drugs Lawyer Today

For a variety of reasons, civil litigation over dangerous consumer medications can be much more complex than most other types of personal injury cases. If you want the best possible chance of securing the compensation you need for the losses you suffered, working with skilled legal counsel can be vital.

Once retained, a Cobb County dangerous drugs lawyer could provide the compassionate and custom-tailored assistance you need to effectively pursue your case. Call today to schedule a meeting.

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