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Cobb County Boat Accident Lawyers

Whether it is out on Lake Acworth or in one of Georgia’s many other waterways, a day on the water can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and pass the time with family and friends. Individuals who operate boats in these bodies of water have a duty of care to adhere to the law just like motor vehicle drivers do on land. When a boater fails to live up to that responsibility, the results can sometimes be catastrophic.

If you suffered an avoidable injury while boating because of someone else’s reckless or careless behavior, speaking with a Cobb County boat accident lawyer should be a top priority. A qualified personal injury attorney with experience fighting on behalf of individuals in your type of situation could help you pursue fair financial restitution.

Proving Civil Liability for a Boat Accident

Boat operators have a responsibility to adhere to state laws and act in a reasonable way at all times while their craft is in motion. If a person fails to fulfill this implicit legal obligation and causes an accident to occur as a direct result, they may bear financial liability under civil law for any damages they cause another person to sustain through that incident.

Additionally, as per Official Code of Georgia § 51-1-22, boat owners can be held responsible for the consequences of negligent actions taken by someone they allow to operate their vessel, even if that owner was not on board when the incident in question occurred. However, under O.C.G.A. § 51-12-33, a person who suffers injury in a boat accident that was primarily caused by someone else may miss out on compensation if a court holds that the plaintiff was partially responsible for causing their damages.

Prospective plaintiffs should also be aware of the filing deadline set by the statute of limitations. Under O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33, any person intending to file suit over a personal injury stemming from negligence has a maximum of two years to do so under most circumstances. A Cobb County boat accident attorney could go over these rules in more detail and work to ensure they do not unfairly hinder a person’s pursuit of financial recovery.

What Damages May Be Recoverable?

Successful plaintiffs should be able to demand compensation for every form of harm they have already experienced and will experience in the future due to the defendant’s misconduct. Recoverable economic damages may include expenses for medical care, but also the costs of repairing or replacing a damaged vessel, as well as losses of current and future earnings from work.

Subjective non-economic damages that could be factored into a claim may include lost enjoyment of life, lost consortium with a spouse, and various forms of physical and emotional pain. During a private consultation, a boat collision lawyer in Cobb County could clarify what damages might be available for a particular plaintiff given their unique circumstances.

Seek Help from a Cobb County Boat Accident Lawyer

Accidents away from land can be uniquely dangerous for everyone involved, as the risk of drowning can be compounded by blunt-force trauma, severe burns, and other injuries common to traumatic accidents. Because of this, civil recovery following a boat-related accident can be particularly critical for injured individuals, as it may be the only way for them to effectively protect their financial and personal future.

A Cobb County boat accident lawyer could be a dependable ally throughout your fight to hold a negligent person accountable for the harm they did to you. Call today to discuss your options.

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