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Clayton County Negligent Security Lawyers

When a person is injured in a criminal act that occurs on someone else’s land, the property owner can be held legally liable even if another party perpetrated the violence. Georgia law requires property owners to take appropriate steps to ensure that their premises are secure for visitors through the use of measures such as sufficient lighting, security cameras, or keypads.

If you were injured while a crime was being committed on someone’s property, and you suspect that the owner did not fulfill their duty of care to keep the premises safe, then you might need help from a Clayton County negligent security lawyer. A local premises liability lawyer could determine whether the property owner breached their legal duty and may be liable for compensable damages.

Common Outcomes of Negligent Security

Negligent security can lead to terrible crimes such as shootings, sexual assault, beatings, and stabbings. An individual who fell victim to one of these crimes might have a legal right to sue the owner of the property for insufficient security measures. These claims can arise from crimes on personal property, at universities, hotels, shopping centers, nightclubs, or other commercial establishments. For instance, if a hotel does not install sufficient security cameras and someone is the victim of a robbery that could otherwise have been averted with appropriate surveillance, the owner of the hotel may be liable.

Establishing Legal Blame in a Negligent Security Case

Before a lawyer in Clayton County could pursue compensation for a victim of negligent security, legal blame for the person’s injuries must be clearly established. Several elements must be shown to establish legal blame.

To start with, the injured party must have been on the owner’s land legally when the incident occurred. If the injured individual was an invitee or licensee, the property owner had a legal obligation to prevent foreseeable harm from coming to that person by ensuring the security of the premises. Invitees are visitors on the property to benefit the owner in some way, such as store customers. Licensees include individuals who are on the premises for their own benefit, including private guests or family members of the property owner.

If the property owner did not comply with their duty of care to an invitee or licensee to provide proper security, thus leaving that person vulnerable to criminal harm, the owner may be ordered to pay damages to the victim of a violent act.

Negligent Security Damages

A violent crime that occurred due to negligent security can cause physical and psychological damages, and sometimes the injuries can be fatal. A Clayton County lawyer can request compensation for a victim of negligent security, including for their pain, suffering, hospital bills, therapy and counseling expenses, and emotional distress. The victim’s lawyer may also request punitive damages from the court to punish the negligent property owner. If the victim is killed due to negligent security, an attorney could help the grieving family file a wrongful death claim against the careless property owner for damages arising from its loved one’s passing.

Speak with a Clayton County Negligent Security Lawyer

If you believe that negligent security practices led to your recent injury, you should discuss your case with a Clayton County negligent security lawyer. Waiting too long to start a claim could jeopardize your financial recovery, so it is in your best interest to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. Call now to book a phone consultation with a Clayton County attorney.

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