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Cherokee County Slip & Fall Lawyers

Slips and falls are among the most common type of injury that can result from visiting another’s property. A failure on the part of a landowner to properly maintain their property or to clear a temporary hazard can create dangerous conditions that lead to an accident. The fact that an injury occurs on someone else’s land is not a guarantee that you will recover damages for your losses. In fact, the law examines a person’s motivations for entering the land as well as the actions of property owners to assign blame for slips and falls.

A Cherokee County slip and fall lawyer might be able to help you collect compensation through a lawsuit. This includes proving that a landowner was negligent in allowing a fall to occur and demonstrating how that incident has affected your life. Your odds of success increase when you work with a skilled personal injury attorney.

Determining Who Has a Slip and Fall Case

Many slip and fall incidents require people to seek out emergency medical care and may require months or years of rehabilitation. However, the extent of a person’s injury is never evidence that a property owner was to blame for an accident. Instead, injured individuals must prove that they enjoyed protection under the state’s premises liability laws.

The law in Cherokee County separates visitors on land into three categories. Under which category a visitor falls will determine their rights to demand compensation. For the most part, only people who visit land for the benefit of a landowner are able to collect compensation following an accidental fall. These visitors are known as invitees. Landowners must take all ordinary care to prevent harm to invitees.

All other visitors are likely unable to collect compensation following an accident. For instance, people who enter land for their own benefit, as well as trespassers, can only demand payments if an injury was the result of a landowner’s wanton or willful activity. A Cherokee County slip and fall attorney could provide more information about premises liability laws that apply to injury cases.

Assisting Injured People to Seek Out the Compensation that they Deserve

Proving that a landowner was responsible for a slip and fall is only one part of a comprehensive case. In addition, injured individuals must be able to demonstrate how that incident has impacted their life.

This often includes payments for all outstanding medical bills related to the injury. Whether an incident required a single trip to an emergency room or caused a permanent injury that requires care for the foreseeable future, a negligent landowner is responsible for the costs of all needed medical treatment.

In addition, these accidents might impact peoples’ lives in other ways. Individuals may find that they are experiencing nightmares, flashbacks, or other forms of emotional trauma. They may also be unable to return to work while making a recovery or be suffering from a permanent injury that impacts their future work prospects. A Cherokee County slip and fall lawyer could measure the impact of an incident on a person’s life and to demand appropriate compensation.

Contact a Cherokee County Slip & Fall Lawyer for Help

All property owners have a duty under the law to protect invited guests on their land. This includes working to clear temporary hazards and structural defects that could cause slips and falls. If the landowners fail to provide this protection and an injury occurs, they are liable for providing compensation to all affected parties.

A Cherokee County slip and fall lawyer could help file suit to collect these payments. This includes explaining the relevant laws, measuring how the incident has impacted your life, and proving that a landowner’s failure to provide protection entitles you to compensation. Schedule a confidential consultation today.

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