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Cherokee County Paralysis Injury Lawyers

Most people who suffer an injury are fortunate in that they will be able to make a total recovery and get their life back to normal. However, a few individuals will deal with the catastrophic consequences of their injuries. In some situations, they will suffer from paralysis that impacts not only their physical health but also their ability to enjoy life and earn a living.

Paralysis occurs when the nerves that connect a person’s body parts to their brain become damaged or destroyed. Paralysis can affect a single body part or leave a person dependent upon life support machines. Despite this, it is only possible to collect compensation for these losses if you can show that another party was responsible.

A Cherokee County paralysis injury lawyer is here to take the lead in pursuing this compensation. They are prepared to take every necessary action to protect your legal rights and hold those responsible for your injuries liable in civil court.

Incidents that May Lead to Paralysis

Paralysis describes any incident where a person loses neurological control over a part of their body. This can be the result of direct nerve damage to the impacted area or injuries that affect a person’s central nervous system. Any incident that places these areas under a threat of harm can be the source of paralysis.

Perhaps the most common source of paralysis is traffic accidents. Collisions between cars, motorcycles, commercial trucks, and other modes of transportation can place people at risk of serious harm. In addition, even something as simple as a slip and fall can result in brain or spinal cord damage that leads to paralysis.

Injured people always have the responsibility to prove that another’s actions were the source of their paralysis. A Cherokee County paralysis injury attorney could assist by identifying possible defendants, explaining what a person needs to prove, and obtaining the evidence necessary for compensation.

Examining the Full Impact of Paralysis

The goal of any case is to obtain the compensation that an injured individual needs to set things right. However, the extent of this compensation only becomes apparent when a party is able to prove their losses. A paralysis injury lawyer in Cherokee County may be able to help prove the impact of the incident. The case will center around the physical injuries and the need for further medical treatment. Paralysis can require complex surgeries in order to limit the potential damage. In addition, physical therapy may be necessary for a number of years into the future.

These incidents can also impact a person’s life in other ways. Suffering a severe injury is a traumatic event that can have a devastating impact on a person’s emotional wellbeing. An attorney could help place a valuation on those experiences. Similarly, these injuries are likely to affect an individual’s ability to support themselves through work. These losses can be an essential part of a demand for compensation.

As serious as these cases can be, it is essential that those who are affected act swiftly. Georgia law states that individuals have only two years from the date of an incident to seek compensation. A Cherokee County paralysis injury lawyer could make sure that a person meets this vital deadline.

Contact a Cherokee County Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Paralysis can occur in the blink of an eye and they have the potential to permanently change your life. The devastating aftermath could require comprehensive medical care, affect a person’s emotional wellbeing, and leave them unable to earn a living.

When another party was responsible for an incident that resulted in paralysis, they should be responsible for providing full compensation. A Cherokee County paralysis injury lawyer could help you collect these payments. Reach out today to schedule a consultation.

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