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Cherokee County Dangerous Drugs Lawyers

New drugs are coming into the market every day, which could become dangerous or prove to be deadly. Some medications come with inherent dangers that can cause serious harm while also providing some potential benefits. Other medicines designed to help can also cause side effects that can be extremely dangerous and put a consumer’s life at risk. If you believe you have a case, discuss your story with a committed personal injury attorney.

The drug market is one of the most competitive industries, so the focus may be more on the marketing side of the product rather than determining all of the possible harms or side effects associated with the drug. A Cherokee County dangerous drugs lawyer could examine your case and advise you of your potential options.

Injury from Dangerous Drugs

The injuries and side effects caused by a dangerous or improperly used drug will vary significantly from person to person. Some people may not experience any harm, some may experience minor side effects, and others may experience severe injuries not identified in the packaging or marketing. Those who are injured by a dangerous drug may immediately experience symptoms after taking the medication, while others may not feel the effects until weeks or months later.

Evidence of Injury from Dangerous Drugs

It is important to note any symptoms, changes in symptoms, or injuries brought on after taking a drug. Even if a symptom seems minor at the time, it may present severe underlying problems or lead to severe injuries later on in life. A Cherokee County hazardous drugs attorney could help recognize a connection between the medication and any bodily changes.

What Drugs Are Considered Dangerous?

There are several drugs that courts have found to be dangerous, and many more that have been scrutinized throughout Georgia. However, there is no exhaustive list, as drugs can cause different reactions or injuries to different people, and new drugs are developed and put out into the market frequently. Some of the specific drugs that have been subject to lawsuits include:

  • Amoxicillin;
  • Celebrex;
  • Prilosec;
  • Nexium;
  • Tramadol;
  • Xarelto;
  • Zantac; and
  • Zofran.

There are several examples of dangerous drugs that have caused a person to sustain an injury and there is little doubt that drug companies will continue to market products with potentially dangerous adverse effects. If a dangerous drug caused any injuries, the statute of limitations to file a claim is two years under Georgia Law.

Can Pharmaceutical Companies be Held Liable?

As the drug makers, pharmaceutical companies could be subject to liability for the injuries caused by their drugs. However, these cases are complex, given how people are each individually affected by a product.

A dangerous medication lawyer in Cherokee County understands the legal theories of liability that must be presented to find a drug company liable. Some of these theories of liability include:

  • Negligence in manufacturing, design, or research;
  • Misleading or deceitful marketing of the drug;
  • Failing to warn of known and potential dangers of the drug;
  • Failing to acknowledge or address negative research trials; and
  • Violation of consumer protection laws.

A complete analysis of each case is necessary to determine which theories of liability pertaining to the drug at issue, as well as extensive research into the drug companies and how the drug was developed.

Speak with a Cherokee County Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

You trusted the pharmaceutical companies to provide you with a drug that helps with your illness. These companies do not want their drugs to be labeled as dangerous, so they will fight against your case to the fullest degree. With a Cherokee County dangerous drugs lawyer, you could be in a better position to fight for your best interests against these large companies and help ensure that others understand the dangers of taking their drugs. Call today for a case analysis and consultation.

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