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Cherokee County Boat Accident Lawyers

From motorboating, to kayaking, to fishing, to swimming, many people enjoy spending time on the water in Georgia. Unfortunately, each of these activities comes with certain risks. When the actions of other boaters result in accidental injuries, you have the right to demand compensation. This can include payments to cover medical bills, lost wages, and a loss of quality of life.

A Cherokee County boat accident lawyer could help you bring a claim against the negligent party. Leave it to a dedicated personal injury attorney to take care of the negotiations with the insurance companies so that you can focus on your recovery.

What Are Some Common Examples of Boat Accidents?

Boaters have an obligation to protect anyone they may encounter while on the water. This means that potential plaintiffs in these claims can include boaters, passengers, swimmers, and people on docks or the shore.

The most common source of boating accidents is the result of inattentive operation. A driver who takes their eyes of the water for even a second can severely limit their ability to react to an emergency. Taking actions to intentionally create a distraction such as texting while at the controls also places everyone at a serious risk of harm.

What Are Some Safety Measures That Help Avoid Crashes?

Actions that involve violations of the rules of the water are especially dangerous. Safety markers such as navigational buoys, speed limit signs, and proper docking regulations are meant to protect everyone and therefore must be obeyed. A boater who violates the laws and is involved in an accident may be presumed to be at-fault for that incident. A boat accident lawyer in Cherokee County could help investigate the facts behind the accident to determine who is at fault.

What Should Someone Expect in a Typical Claim in Georgia?

Most boat accident cases will flow through a defendant’s insurance policy. The insurance company will most likely fight to protect their profits. Therefore, it is essential to take every necessary step when demanding compensation to give a claim the best chance for success.

The most immediate need following an accident is to seek medical care. This is necessary for the physical recovery as well as for documenting the effects of the incident. It is also important to speak with any local law enforcement that may have responded to the scene. The officer will make a report of what happened, which can be crucial evidence in any resulting claim.

A Cherokee County boat collision attorney could then help bring a claim for compensation on the injured party’s behalf. Most claims settle before reaching trial. However, if it is necessary to take a case to court, the plaintiff always has this option. It is important to note that there is a strict time limit of two years from the date of the incident to file a case under Georgia Code.

Let a Cherokee County Boat Accident Lawyer Help You

You may feel disoriented and confused following a boat crash. Few people understand all the rules that govern proper boat operation, and even fewer understand their rights following an accident. The simple fact is that negligent boaters are always liable to provide compensation to anyone who suffers injuries because of their actions.

A Cherokee County boat accident lawyer could help you pursue the compensation you are entitled to. Call a lawyer today for a free consultation to see how they could help you.

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