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Buckhead Dangerous Drugs Lawyers

Defective or dangerous drugs can have severe side effects that can, in many cases, impact every area of a person’s life. Unfortunately, defective medications sometimes make their way into the medical system and end up prescribed for years before anyone realizes the full impact they can have. People who take these drugs might find themselves facing increased risk of cancer, heart disease, or a host of other problems that can affect their lives. A skilled personal injury attorney could provide needed legal support.

Did you suffer unintended side effects of a medication? A Buckhead dangerous drugs lawyer could help you pursue the compensation you deserve for those injuries.

Who Bears Liability for Dangerous Drugs?

Prescription medications are designed to help alleviate symptoms and make patients more comfortable. Unfortunately, if the manufacturer fails to do their due diligence before releasing a medication onto the market, it can end up causing more serious side effects than the ailment it was originally designed to treat. A prescription drug manufacturer may bear liability for a number of reasons.

Failure to Exercise Due Diligence

Manufacturers must conduct extensive studies before releasing new drugs onto the market. Those studies should reveal potential short-term and long-term side effects, including possibly life-threatening challenges that could emerge due to long-term use of the drug. A medication that has a high incidence of dangerous side effects usually will not be released onto the market for general use.

Failure to Warn About Potential Side Effects

Due to those studies conducted before the medication ever goes out on the market, manufacturers usually have a good idea of the potential side effects caused by that drug. Those manufacturers must then issue warnings about potential side effects of those drugs, both so that consumers can make an informed decision about whether it offers the right solution for them and so that doctors who prescribe those medications can carefully monitor their patients for any side effects and react when necessary.

Failure to inform the public about those side effects could cause more serious injuries, since doctors and patients might not correlate those side effects to the new medication.

Compensation for Dangerous Drugs

If someone takes a drug and endures the side effects, a dangerous drugs lawyer in Buckhead could explain to them the compensation they might be able to receive and provide a better idea of what a claim might look like. In general, these claims will include compensation for both financial and non-financial damages someone suffered due to the injury, including:

  • Any increased medical expenses they may have faced due to taking those drugs. Sometimes a drug can cause immense complications which can lead to long-term hospitalization and considerable need for treatment;
  • Wages lost if the side effects of the drugs prevented them from going to work or required them to miss considerable work during their recovery; and
  • The suffering they faced due to taking this medication, including mental or emotional anguish related to the side effects.

A Buckhead dangerous drug attorney cannot guarantee the compensation that a person will recover but lawyers could break down the financial losses a person might have faced and, as a result, the compensation they could ask for.

Discover the Benefits of a Buckhead Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

If you suffered serious side effects due to your use of medications, including side effects that the manufacturer should have warned about ahead of time, you may have the right to compensation. A Buckhead dangerous drugs lawyer could help. Contact us today for a free consultation to help you learn more about your rights after this injury.

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