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Buckhead Bus Accident Lawyers

Bus drivers in the Buckhead area have a duty under the law to protect multiple people. As motorists on public roads, they must protect other drivers, passengers, bike riders, and pedestrians. In addition, as common carriers that take on passengers for a fare, they must also protect the riders within the bus itself. As a result, any person who suffers harm because of an incident that was a bus driver’s fault has the right to demand fair compensation for their losses by hiring a quality personal injury attorney.

A Buckhead bus accident lawyer could help you collect these payments by determining whether a bus driver was to blame, measuring your losses, and filing the proper lawsuit.

Demonstrating Fault Following Bus Crashes

In terms of personal injury cases, buses are just like every other vehicle on the road. Simply by virtue of using public roads, bus drivers assume a duty to provide protection to everyone else that they may meet. This includes other drivers, passengers in other cars, and people on foot.

Failures to provide this protection that result in injuries form the core of bus accident cases. However, it is the obligation of injured people to demonstrate how a failure to provide care occurred. In some situations, it is possible to point to a violation of a rule of the road as the cause of an accident. This may include speeding, not signaling before a turn, or failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk. In other cases, it is necessary to show that simple inattentiveness or carelessness led to the injury.

The same general concept applies when a bus passenger attempts to collect compensation following a crash. That passenger must prove that it was the driver’s fault that the injury occurred, including for incidents where the bus collided with a building, guardrail, or light post. A Buckhead bus accident attorney could fully investigate the cause of a crash and hold an at-fault bus driver responsible.

Demanding Full Compensation After a Bus Accident

Proving that a bus driver caused an accident is only one part of a comprehensive case. It is just as important to be able to show how the incident impacted one’s life and calculate the compensation needed to make things right.

All bus crash cases will revolve around a plaintiff’s physical injuries. These may include cuts and scrapes, broken bones, concussions, and separated joints. Every case will demand the payments needed to cover the costs of all medical care. In addition, it might be possible to collect compensation for other losses. Payments for emotional trauma, lost quality of life, property damage, and missing income are just as legitimate as payments for medical bills.

A Buckhead bus accident lawyer could provide all the necessary information to file a valid claim. Usually, the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 9-3-33 gives people two years from the date of a crash to seek out compensation. However, if the bus is the property of a government entity, this time limit may be significantly shorter. In addition, insurance companies will likely try to show that a plaintiff who was a passenger on the bus partially caused their own injuries by standing up while it was moving, thus reducing their chance of compensation. A legal professional could gather evidence to fight back against this assertion.

Let a Buckhead Bus Accident Lawyer Pursue Your Case

Bus drivers who cause accidents on the road are just as liable as any other motorist. In addition, that driver’s employer or a local government might also share responsibility. A Buckhead bus accident lawyer wants to help people who have suffered injuries in these collisions stand up for their legal rights and receive the damages they are duly owed. Contact a Buckhead bus accident attorney now to learn more.

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