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Atlanta Wrongful Death of a Minor Lawyers

Losing a loved one could be a troubling and scary experience, especially if that person was a minor. In Atlanta, many wrongful death cases involving minors may occur in trucking or motor vehicle accidents. Cases such as these are unfortunately heard frequently within Atlanta and all throughout Georgia. In terms of the law, the wrongful death of a minor in Atlanta may hold the same severe consequences of a wrongful death claim involving an adult.

The case that could be made for the death of a child may be more focused on who the child was in the eyes of the family members and what the child enjoyed. A compassionate Atlanta wrongful death of a minor lawyer may focus on the experiences the child and family could have missed out on to emphasize how great this loss is. Contact a knowledgeable personal injury attorney as soon as possible to learn more about potential next steps and a free consultation.

Potential Damages for the Loss of a Loved One

After the wrongful death of a minor in Atlanta, the most significant damage under the law may look at the full value of the life of the decedent. With a minor, that may include the following:

  • Graduating high school
  • Attend college
  • Get married

These examples are just a few potential events that may not have been experienced due to the wrongful death of a minor in Atlanta. Many of these may be considered non-economic damages that could be directly related to what the family feels their loved one could have missed out on.

Despite being able to name potential non-economic consequences, an economic value may be a bit difficult because the value of a life could not be monetized easily. An experienced wrongful death attorney could be very helpful in getting a jury to appreciate this and build a strong case.

Difference Between Wrongful Death and Negligence

There is no line between the wrongful death of a minor in Atlanta and negligence leading to the death of a minor. A wrongful death claim may also involve negligence. In the event of an intentional act, such as assault leading to death, a wrongful death claim could still be brought upon an individual for their aim to potentially harm a minor.

When someone brings a claim related to the death of an individual and it is due to an intentional act, a wrongful death claim could still be brought in a court of law. An Atlanta wrongful death attorney could be useful in collecting damages from individuals who may be found to be at fault for the untimely death of a minor.

Insurance Policies and Wrongful Death Actions

While an insurance policy may cover negligent acts, it may not be likely to cover intentional acts. As a result of this, a compassionate wrongful death attorney could be helpful in getting damages if the process becomes difficult

Contacting an Atlanta Wrongful Death of a Minor Lawyer

Dealing with a loss could be a difficult experience to endure alone, specifically in terms of a wrongful death of a minor in Atlanta. By contacting an experienced wrongful death lawyer, you could be guided through the process following the tragedy of a losing a loved one. Contact an Atlanta personal injury attorney today that could begin working on your case.

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