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Atlanta Premises Liability Robbery Lawyer

Robbery is a serious crime that can cause severe physical and emotional trauma. A robbery victim suffers not only the loss of money and other valuables but also a violent attack that often has long term effects. If you were robbed while on property owned by another, the property owner might be liable for the attack if there is evidence of negligent security. You may be entitled to compensation for the harm you suffered.

When you consult an Atlanta premises liability robbery lawyer, they could review your situation to determine your options for recovering damages. In addition, by taking action to bring the property owner’s responsibilities to light with the help of a practiced property owner negligence attorney, you may also save others from suffering similar harm in the future.

When is Compensation Available for Negligent Security in Atlanta?

When negligent security causes a robbery, the person experiencing the loss may be entitled to compensation for various losses resulting from the incident. For example, if the person robbed incurred physical or mental injuries requiring treatment, they may receive compensation to cover medical expenses and time missed from work.

The person suffering from the robbery may also recover compensation for the intangible effects of the robbery such as emotional anguish and pain and suffering. Of course, the individual who was robbed may also receive compensation for any property that was taken or damaged. Finally, if the property owner’s conduct was extremely egregious, the injured person may be awarded punitive damages. These are intended to deter similar conduct in the future but are relatively rare. To better understand what compensation may be available, it may be beneficial to consult an Atlanta robbery due to property owner’s negligence lawyer.

The Responsibilities of Atlanta Property Owners in Preventing Robberies

Property owners are expected to provide safe premises for those they invite onto their property. For instance, those who own shopping malls and entertainment venues open to the public encourage others to come onto their property, and so they are expected to take steps to make sure the property is safe. When they fail to do so, they may be held liable for harm that results under the theory of premises liability.

As part of the duty to prevent harm, property owners are expected to either fix or warn of dangerous conditions on the property. This includes a duty to take adequate security measures when a property owner has reason to believe there is a risk of robbery on the property.

Many apartment complexes, stores, restaurants and bars, hotels, movie theaters, and other public places should provide security measures to prevent robbery but often they do not. Measures such as adequate lighting, security cameras, fencing, and security guards could prevent robberies from occurring. Improper maintenance such as failing to replace burned out lights, repair broken locks, or fix broken windows could also result in a robbery. When property owners fail to take these measures and a robbery results, they can be held liable.

An Atlanta Premises Liability Robbery Lawyer Could Help

When a negligent security results in a robbery, it is only fair for the property owner to shoulder some of the responsibility. A lawsuit could enable you to shift the burden of loss to the party who failed to provide adequate security measures to protect you.

An Atlanta robbery due to property owner’s negligence lawyer could evaluate your situation to determine what compensation may be available. Your attorney could serve as your advocate throughout the process, fighting to obtain the recovery you are entitled to under the law. For a consultation to learn what may be possible in your case, call now.

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