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Maintaining a Safe Environment or Property in Atlanta

There are many instances where maintaining a safe environment or property in Atlanta not only makes good business sense but is also required by law. When the owner of a property or manager of a business fails to live up the responsibility to maintain a safe environment and others suffer harm as a result, the owner may be held liable for the consequences, even if the harm is caused by crimes committed by third parties.

The laws setting forth responsibilities of property owners can be difficult to understand, so it is advisable for those considering a claim to consult a knowledgeable negligent security lawyer. A well-versed lawyer may also assist in helping to comply with safety requirements.

Determining Whether an Environment is Safe

In Atlanta, the term “safe environment” may have different meanings in different contexts. In terms of property, it generally may be said to be an environment where people entering the premises are protected from dangerous conditions. A safe environment includes adequate security measures.

However, if a dangerous condition is open, obvious, and foreseeable, it is not clear how much effort is required to make an environment safe by legal standards. This makes consulting a knowledgeable attorney about maintaining a safe environment or property in Atlanta crucial.

Duties of Property Owners in Atlanta

Ga. Code Ann. §51-3-1 requires those who own or occupy property to exercise “ordinary care in keeping the premises and approaches safe.” If they fail to exercise such care, they may be held liable for injuries that result.

To understand the duty of a property owner in Atlanta, then, it is necessary to establish what the standard is for ordinary care as well as what is considered safe. The standards will vary, but a property owner may get an idea of the standard for maintaining a safe environment or property in Atlanta by examining legal opinions involving circumstances similar to their own. An attorney with a good understanding of premises liability law could assist in matching case law to a particular situation to determine whether a property owner has maintained a satisfactorily safe environment on the property.

Conditions That Contribute Toward a Safe Environment

When people in Atlanta think of dangerous conditions on property, they tend to think of slippery surfaces and falls, but there are numerous conditions that affect the safety of an environment, including security to protect against criminal acts. Some of these factors include:

  • Lighting – is the light sufficient to reveal potential hazards and provide adequate security?
  • Security — is there criminal activity in the vicinity? If so, it may be necessary to install extra barriers and security cameras. Proper standards may also include the use of security guards.
  • Staff – are employees trustworthy and adequately trained?
  • Inspection schedules – is the environment being inspected regularly so that any hazards can be addressed?
  • Response to problems – are there procedures for promptly repairing dangerous conditions and putting barriers in place to prevent people from coming in contact with dangerous conditions?

Overall, there are numerous facets involved in establishing and maintaining a safe environment. It may be advisable to speak with an attorney about the appropriate actions to take.

A Lawyer Can Discuss Maintaining a Safe Environment or Property in Atlanta

Maintaining a safe environment or property in Atlanta is important to fulfill legal liabilities. If you are concerned about either establishing a safe environment or exposing one that is unsafe, it may be helpful to discuss the matter with a premises liability attorney.

An experienced attorney may be able to assist either with compliance or with redress, if necessary. Property owners have a duty to maintain a safe environment and when someone suffers injury due to a failure to fulfill that duty, liability is the likely result. To learn more, call today.

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