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Atlanta Gym Accident Lawyer

Just like any other property owner, gym owners have a duty of ordinary care to those visiting their premises. It is their responsibility to make sure their property is reasonably safe for anyone working out or visiting. If they fail to meet their duty and you are hurt as a result, an Atlanta gym accident lawyer can help you hold them accountable. Throughout the legal process, a well-versed premises liability lawyer can advocate for your rights to help you get the compensation you are entitled to.

What are some of the Most Common Premises Liability Cases that Occur at Gyms?

At gyms, there are a variety of premises liability accidents that can occur, such as an equipment malfunction or a slip and fall. There could be liquid on the ground or equipment that is mispositioned in such a way that an individual will not be able to avoid tripping over it.

Typically, the gym will be held liable in premises liability cases. The gym is usually owned and operated by the same company. However, is the actual facility is owned by one company but the individuals who were tasked with managing it work for another company, there might be a viable case against both the owner of the premises and the company that is managing or running the gym.

Determining Liability in an Atlanta Premises Liability Claim

The most critical part of a claim involving premises liability at a gym is showing the gym owner acted unreasonably. This means proving there was a risk of harm and that they had actual knowledge of it or should have reasonably had knowledge of it. For example, if the equipment is not properly maintained and it fails and results in an injury of an individual, the gym owner could be liable.

In a gym accident injury case, it is important to be aware of whether there are waivers of liability. These might be executed if a gym owner insists that a member agrees to waive a claim and can complicate a premises liability claim significantly. In a claim involving a liability waiver, it is important to determine how explicit the waiver is and what is included to determine whether the owner can still be considered liable.

What if an Injury was Foreseeable?

If the accident was caused by a flaw or failure that was not foreseeable, then there may not be a case against the gym itself. However, there could potentially a case against the manufacturer of the equipment if the product was defective. Therefore, it is important to examine the specific facts of the case.

Damages for Injuries at Gyms

In gym accidents, common injuries include orthopedic injuries such as torn tendons or broken bones. This will likely lead to significant medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and potentially permanent dysfunction or disability depending on the nature of the injury. There are a variety of damages that can arise from these cases. It is going to be fact-specific based on the specific injuries and the impact they had on the person.

Reach out to an Atlanta Gym Accident Lawyer

If you were hurt at a gym, you have rights. An Atlanta gym accident premises liability attorney can thoroughly examine the facts of your case to help you determine your options. Call today for a consultation to get started.

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