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Atlanta Premises Liability Burglary Lawyer

A burglary often results in extensive damage and the loss of valuable belongings. But even if property loss is minimal, the sense of hurt, betrayal, and concern can have damaging effects far into the future. Your home is supposed to be a haven, and a burglary destroys that sense of safety and solidarity.

If a burglary occurs in Atlanta because of a landlord’s negligence, the situation is even worse. You may have done all you could to prevent a burglary and yet still it happened, and now you may live in fear that it will happen again.

You should not have to bear the loss from a burglary caused by the lack of security caused by your landlord. An Atlanta premises liability burglary lawyer could evaluate your situation to determine whether you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. A detail-oriented property owner negligence lawyer could also advise you of how to protect your rights and your property going forward so that you can feel more secure in your future.

Considerations When a Burglary is Due to a Property Owner’s Negligence

If the burglary could have been prevented with basic security measures that the property owner failed to provide, the owner may be liable for losses resulting from the burglary. There are several factors that play a role in potential liability.

History of Criminal Activity

One key factor in negligent security claims is the history of the property and immediate area. Have similar crimes been committed on or near the property in the recent past? If so, the property owner should realize that the property may be burglarized again.

The question often comes down to an issue of whether it was foreseeable that a third party would commit a burglary on the property. If tenants or others have brought concerns or reports of activity to the property owner’s attention, the owner may have a difficult time arguing that a burglary was not foreseeable.


The next issue concerns the security measures taken to thwart such activity. Lighting plays an important role in preventing crime, so property owners should provide adequate lighting. Fencing, cameras, door locks, and windows are all measures that could be put into place with little difficulty or expense and help prevent crime. Finally, depending on the specific circumstances, security guards may also be necessary to protect visitors and tenants.


Security measures will not serve their intended purpose if basic maintenance is neglected. Burned out or broken lights should be replaced regularly. Broken windows and locks should be repaired promptly.

Holes in fences or broken security cameras should be also fixed. If the property owner knows or should know of neglected maintenance that poses a security risk and fails to address these concerns, they may be liable for any resulting criminal activity.

When Can an Atlanta Property Owner Be Held Liable?

Generally, property owners owe a duty of care to those they invite onto their property. This includes tenants and guests. The duty incorporates an obligation to remedy or warn of dangerous conditions.

The duty also may include the obligation to take additional security measures when the owner knows or should know that people on the property could suffer due to burglary or other criminal activity. When an owner fails to fulfill the duties owed to those on the property, they may be held liable for the consequences. This is known as premises liability. A seasoned Atlanta burglary due to property owner’s negligence lawyer could help you establish liability and recover damages.

Talk to an Atlanta Premises Liability Burglary Lawyer

In situations where a burglary is caused by a lack of adequate security due to the negligence of a property owner, those who suffer harm should be entitled to recover compensation for their losses. Forfeiture of meaningful property and other issues such as anxiety may not necessarily be remedied with money, but compensation may help make up for the economic losses.

If a burglary may have been due to negligent security of the property owner, you should consider consulting an Atlanta burglary due to a property owner’s negligence lawyer to learn your options. For a free case evaluation, call now.

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