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Atlanta Apartment Complex Injury Lawyers

Many times, when people suffer injuries in Atlanta apartment complexes, the harm could have been prevented if the owners or managers of the complex had fulfilled their responsibilities to their tenants. Property owners in Atlanta are required to maintain the property in a safe manner, and this includes providing proper security when they are on notice of a security risk.

Therefore, if you suffered injuries that may be traced to the negligent security of an apartment complex owner, it is a good idea to consult a knowledgeable Atlanta apartment complex injury lawyer to learn about your rights and options for recovery. A dedicated negligent security lawyer could help you obtain compensation for injuries and other consequences of the incident.

Various Types of Compensation That May Be Available

When a person’s injuries are connected to a property owner’s failure to provide adequate security, the injured person may be entitled to receive compensation for different effects of the injury. Sometimes attacks can cause injuries with lifelong consequences.

Injured people may be awarded compensation for economic losses associated with the injury such as lost wages, property damage, and medical bills. They may also receive compensation for intangible effects of an attack such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment. An experienced apartment complex injury lawyer in Atlanta could evaluate a settlement offer to determine whether it provides fair restitution to compensate for these factors.

Responsibilities of Atlanta Apartment Complex Owners

Ga. Code Ann. §51-3-1 specifies that when someone who owns or occupies land invites others onto that land, the owner becomes liable to those invited onto the property. When injuries result from the owner’s failure to keep the premises safe, they can be held responsible. Most people think of safety in terms of accidents such as falls, but duty owed by a property owner also includes a duty to exercise ordinary care to prevent criminal wrongdoing. Tenants and their guests would be considered persons invited onto the property. Therefore, the owner of the property is required to take certain measures to assure the safety of tenants and their guests.

In any situation where an injured person seeks compensation from a property owner for harm suffered while on their property, the injured individual will need to demonstrate that the negligent security caused the harm. An Atlanta apartment complex injury lawyer could help prove this causation.

Understanding Negligent Security

A landowner’s duty to provide adequate security for guests varies depending on the circumstances. Essentially, more security measures will be required when the property owner has notice of the potential for severe security problems.

For instance, if police responded to an attack in an apartment complex parking lot, that would put the property owner on notice that there could be another attack. To protect tenants and their guests, the owner may need to take measures such as:

  • Hiring security guards;
  • Installing security cameras;
  • Fencing the lot;
  • Upgrading or repairing light fixtures to provide adequate lighting; or
  • Installing barriers to control access to the parking lot.

In other situations, a landlord may need to take measures for a particular tenant. If a tenant reports that a lock on their door or window is broken and the landlord fails to address the situation, then an Atlanta apartment complex injury lawyer could prove that the landlord should be liable if someone breaks through that door or window and causes harm.

Consult an Atlanta Apartment Complex Injury Lawyer

In most negligent security cases, the best evidence is available shortly after an attack. So, if you are suffering injuries due to negligent security, it is better to contact an Atlanta Apartment complex injury lawyer sooner rather than later. A knowledgeable attorney could assist with collecting and preserving evidence and help build a strong case for recovery. To learn more about your rights, call now.

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