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Atlanta Parking Lot Negligent Security Lawyers

Crimes that take place in parking lots often occur at night or in isolated areas and can leave a lasting physical and emotional impact on those who are targeted. If you have been the victim of a parking lot crime, you may be able to obtain compensation for your pain and suffering with the help of a seasoned negligent security attorney. If there was a lack of security, an Atlanta parking lot negligent security lawyer may be able to hold the owner or manager of the parking lot liable.

What is Negligence in Atlanta?

When a person or organization engages in unreasonable or careless behavior, they are said to be behaving negligently. Often, this careless behavior results in an injury, and sometimes, the death of a person. However, in many cases, the person or company that behaved negligently or recklessly can be held liable in court.

The concept of negligence arises from the legal view that organizations and individuals owe a duty of care to others. This simply means they are required to take reasonable and commonsense measures to ensure the safety of another person to some degree and if they fail or refuse to do this, they can be held financially and legally responsible for any damages sustained by the person who suffered injuries due to their negligence. In the realm of premises liability law, property owners and managers have an obligation to ensure the safety of visitors, customers, and others to some degree and that includes providing adequate security.

The Dangers of Inadequate Parking Lot Security

There are many ways inadequate security can lead to the injury or death of a person. Depending on the circumstances of a case, an Atlanta negligent security parking lots lawyer could help someone if a property owner or manager failed to:

  • Post visible warning signs of dangers or risks
  • Provide adequate security or install camera systems on the property
  • Install protective devices, such as locks, fences, and gates on the property
  • Prevent potentially dangerous individuals from entering a property
  • Keep parking areas well-lit
  • Document and report previous incidents of violence to the proper authorities

Simply put, if a property owner or manager has prior knowledge of a hazard but refuses to remedy the hazard or warn visitors to a property, they should be held liable. Many types of properties, including parking lots, are expansive and riddled with isolated areas. This makes them the ideal for criminals in search of potential targets.

Holding Negligent Atlanta Parking Lot Owners Accountable

Many property owners refuse to take reasonable steps to provide adequate security for financial reasons. Hiring adequate security and installing security fixtures is expensive and many property owners try to avoid having to pay this expense. Unfortunately, their penchant for cheapness often places the lives of others at risk.

Muggings, kidnappings, sexual assaults, and carjackings can occur in dark, poorly secured parking lots, and property owners should keep this in mind when inviting customers or clients to a building. Parking lot owners should always make sure their lots are equipped with safety equipment and well-lit.

Contacting an Atlanta Negligent Security Parking Lots Lawyer

No one expects to be harmed when walking to or from their car, but if you have been victimized by a criminal in a parking lot, you have options. You may be able to hold the owner or manager of the parking lot liable. Security should never be neglected for the sake of money and negligent parking lot owners should be punished. Contact an Atlanta negligent security parking lots lawyer to learn more.

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