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Atlanta Campus Negligent Security Lawyers

Each year, millions of American citizens enroll in colleges and universities. When most of these individuals enroll, they are more concerned about making it to class on time than their safety and most enrollees expect their school to provide an adequate amount of security. Sadly, this does not always happen, and even the smallest college campus can become a hotbed of crime without adequate security.

Colleges have a legal and moral obligation to prevent certain crimes and they are expected to take rational steps to keep their students and visitors safe. If you were victimized while on a college or university campus due to inadequate security, a determined negligent security attorney can help you find out if you are entitled to compensation. If you think a college or university did not take the appropriate measure to protect you, contact an Atlanta campus negligent security lawyer.

Keeping Atlanta College Campuses Safe

Colleges and universities can be larger than small to medium-sized cities. They are littered with numerous buildings, apartments, offices, restaurants, and stores. Classes run at all times of the day and night and it is not uncommon for students to walk across campuses late at night and in the early morning hours.

Colleges and universities should always take the safety of their students into consideration and should take reasonable measures to do this. Common campus crimes include robbery, theft, sexual assault, and battery and schools should take the time to understand the unique threats they face before installing security precautions.

Fortunately for students, staff, and visitors, there are ways for college campuses to keep them safe and prevent crime. It is impossible to avoid any potential problems 100 percent of the time, but it is possible to reduce the chances of a serious crime occurring. College campuses and administrators can achieve this by:

  • Limiting access to residential buildings
  • Installing adequate lighting
  • Warning students of dangerous activity
  • Strategically placing emergency call buttons around campus
  • Ensuring there is a strong campus police presence

The goal of a college should be to prevent foreseeable security incidents. Sadly, some schools do not do this, and when they refuse to secure their campus they place everyone who visits at risk. If a person is harmed while on a college campus in an incident that could have been prevented, they may benefit from speaking with an Atlanta campus negligent security lawyer.

Security Threats at Large Campus Events

Virtually everyone enjoys a good college sporting event and most of the time these events provide students and visitors with an opportunity to socialize and show off their school spirit. Unfortunately, large campus events such as concerts and sporting events can be dangerous if there is not an adequate amount of security.

Campus events tend to attract individuals from not just the college itself, but the surrounding area and it is important for universities and colleges to hire a reasonable number of security staff members and prepare campus police for any potential altercations. These security staff members should know how to recognize potential threats and prevent them from escalating. College campuses should also be prepared to invest in metal detectors, security cameras, and other types of safety equipment.

Discussing a Case with an Atlanta Campus Negligent Security Lawyer

If you have been harmed or attacked on a college campus, it is normal to feel angry and confused. This feeling of anger can be especially palpable if the person who victimized you was never caught. Your recovery comes first, but it is also important for you to take legal action while you still can.

Discuss your case with an Atlanta campus negligent security lawyer. You may be able to take action against any negligent parties whose actions caused your injuries. Call today to set up a consultation.

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