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Atlanta Defective Products Lawyers

The consumer products, medical devices, and pharmaceutical preparations people use each day are generally safe and effective for their intended purposes. However, there are times when a trusted consumer product proves harmful and causes devastating injury or even death.

Circumstances such as these can be extremely costly, and it is important for victims to pursue accountability and compensation from those responsible. An Atlanta defective products lawyer stands ready to help affected individuals do precisely that. If you have been injured following the use of a faulty product, speak with a skilled personal injury attorney that could help you pursue compensation.

Types of Items in Dangerous Product Claims

The types of consumer goods, medications, and surgical devices is extraordinarily broad, and therefore it is not surprising that the list of products capable of forming the basis of a product liability claim is long. However, some of the most common categories from which such lawsuits emerge are:

  • Household gadgets and appliances
  • Children’s toys
  • Construction machinery and tools
  • Cars, buses, and trucks and their various components
  • Firearms
  • Personal care items/cosmetic products
  • Medical devices
  • Safety devices

Theories of Liability in Defective Products Cases

Typically, a product liability complaint rests upon arguments related to defects in design, faulty manufacturing processes, or a manufacturer’s failure to properly warn consumers about a product’s known hazards or its appropriate mode of use. Atlanta defective products lawyers regularly employ legal theories of strict products liability, manufacturer negligence, or breaches of implied or express warranties. Common to all such cases, however, is the need for thorough investigation and the assistance of experts and loss evaluation professionals.

It is necessary for potential plaintiffs to remember that there may be multiple parties that may be liable for any injuries caused by defective products. Distributors, installers, retailers, and others may all share responsibility for what occurred.

Recoverable Compensation in Faulty Products Cases

Defectively designed or manufactured products can inflict life-altering harm. They may result in expensive medical bills and injuries that require time away from work. In these cases, victims may be left unable to pay for necessary expenses.

Individuals affected by defective products may seek compensation that can cover the cost of medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, reduced earning capacity, pain, emotional trauma, lost familial and marital relationships, and more. Cases involving fatalities may also yield compensation for funeral expenses and monetary support for surviving dependents.

Seeking Guidance from an Atlanta Defective Products Lawyer

Though the feelings of betrayal and anger felt when a consumer product causes devastating harm are undeniable, it is important for victims to bear in mind that remedies may indeed be available. A person who suffered harm because of defective products may be able to seek compensation for their injuries.

If you sustained injuries and wish to pursue justice and the resources needed to recover, an Atlanta defective products lawyer stands ready to help. An experienced lawyer can help you understand your legal options and decide how to proceed. However, time is limited, speak with an attorney at the earliest possible opportunity.

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