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Atlanta Anoxic Brain Injury Lawyer

An anoxic brain injury is an injury to the brain caused by a complete lack of oxygen. With an anoxic brain injury, the lack of oxygen stops blood flowing to the brain. Brain cells without enough oxygen begin to die after about four minutes. Someone may sustain an anoxic brain injury from choking, drowning, suffering a blood clot, or a stroke. These types of injuries can also be a result of someone hitting their head or suffering trauma to their head. An individual with an anoxic brain injury should speak with an Atlanta anoxic brain injury lawyer if their injury was due to the negligence or the lack of care of someone else. A seasoned attorney will be knowledgeable about the different types of traumatic brain injuries and how to help victims get the compensation that they deserve.

How Anoxic Brain Injuries Impact the Quality of Life

Anoxic brain injuries are a traumatic brain injury that can greatly affect a person’s quality of life. These types of injuries can leave a person in a coma or vegetative state. Even if the anoxic brain injury is not so severe as to result in a coma, it can lead to confusion, decreased concentration, and mood swings or personality changes. It could additionally cause slurred speech, intermittent loss of consciousness, poor coordination, and a general decline in brain function. Therefore, it is essential for victims to seek medical attention and obtain an Atlanta anoxic brain injury lawyer.

Treatment Options Available Following an Anoxic Brain Injury

Once a person suffered an anoxic brain injury, they may get initial treatment by a medical professional. Treatment may include oxygen therapy to help increase the amount of oxygen in a person’s blood, medication to help send oxygen to a person’s brain, and efforts to cool the brain to help limit brain damage.

After initial treatment, someone who suffered an anoxic brain injury can go through rehabilitation with a physical therapist who could help them regain motor skills such as walking. They could also work with an occupational therapist who can help improve daily skills, such as dressing and going to the bathroom. A speech therapist can assist with any speech problems and a psychologist can help with any emotional or psychological issues such as depression and frustration.

Establishing Liability

An individual or entity can be liable for causing anoxic brain injuries when that individual or entity was negligent, meaning they failed to use reasonable care to prevent that injury from occurring. For example, a store failed to remove a spill on the floor and an individual slipped on the spill and suffered a brain injury. In this case, the store could be held negligent. Any individual or entity can be liable for anoxic brain injuries if they were not taking the proper care to prevent those injuries, and through the lack of care caused the brain injury. After establishing liability, an Atlanta anoxic brain injury attorney could help an injured person recover damages.

How an Atlanta Anoxic Brain Injury Attorney Could Help

In an anoxic brain injury case, an Atlanta anoxic brain injury lawyer will attempt to demonstrate what caused the injury. To have a viable case, a lawyer must show that the anoxic brain injury was the result of the negligence or actions of someone else. To do this, they look at evidence to show the cause of the injury. Once they can show the injury was the result of another party or entity’s negligence, they can try to show the damages resulting from the anoxic brain injury. If you or a loved one suffered an anoxic brain injury, seek the services of an accomplished Atlanta anoxic brain injury lawyer today.

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