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Alpharetta Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

Spinal cord injuries can happen in a split second and often remain with a person for the rest of their life. Spinal cord injuries often occur in a car accident, slip and fall, workplace accident, through medical malpractice, and in many other situations. These injuries can not only impact someone’s quality of life but can also result in high medical and rehabilitative care expenses.

When someone suffers a spinal cord injury caused by the fault of another, they can file a lawsuit to recoup those costs. With the help of an experienced attorney, accident victims can also include costs for pain and suffering and other economic losses in their lawsuit. However, in order to get the compensation they deserve, injured individuals should speak to an Alpharetta spinal cord injury lawyer who knows the justice system and how to fight for your rights all the way through trial.

Spinal Cord Injury Claims

In order to file a lawsuit, the injured individual must be able to prove that the accident was the fault of another person, entity, or both. This could be the driver who hit them in a car accident, property owners who failed to fix unsafe conditions, manufacturers who created defective products, and countless other scenarios.

In legal terms, this fault is known as negligence, the core legal concept at the heart of every personal injury claim. Proving negligence can be difficult, particularly when the injured individual is in the hospital or trying to recover from their injuries. A spinal cord injury lawyer in Alpharetta could collect the evidence required to help injured parties prove that the at-fault party was in fact negligent.

Damages in an Alpharetta Case

While most injuries resulting from an accident can cause the victim insurmountable medical bills and other expenses, spinal cord injuries have some of the highest costs associated with them. In fact, it is estimated that spinal cord injuries can cost a person $100,000 in just the first year following an injury.

These costs include not only initial and ongoing treatments but also necessary medical equipment such as:

  • A wheelchair;
  • Medical supplies;
  • In-home assistance;
  • Home renovations such as wheelchair ramps;
  • Physical therapy.

When injured individuals must pay these costs on their own, it can be financially devastating.

Those financial expenses are often the main reason that those who are injured file a personal injury lawsuit. A lawsuit can help individuals get the compensation they deserve to help defray some of these costs. While compensation may not “fix” the injury, an Alpharetta spinal cord injury lawyer could fight for a compensation award in court to make the injured individual as whole as possible.

Insurance and Injuries

Insurance companies almost always play a significant role in spinal cord injury cases. For example, when the injury arises out of a car wreck, the automobile insurance company of the at-fault party is usually responsible for paying some accident benefits.

While people are often happy to hear that an insurance company will step in to help, these companies are infamously difficult to deal with. Paying out settlements means that affects the bottom line of an insurance company, cutting into their profits. For this reason, insurance companies will often deny claims or offer very low settlements that will not cover the full cost of treatment the injured individual requires.

An Alpharetta spinal injury cord attorney could help fight for what you deserve under the law. They could speak to the insurance company on the injured individual’s behalf and work hard to get them a fair settlement or a verdict at trial. Insurance companies know that lawyers will be unlikely to accept a low settlement and may offer a higher settlement.

Let an Alpharetta Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Help

Spinal cord injuries are some of the most serious. They can greatly impact a person’s quality of life and cost someone suffering that type of injury an enormous amount in medical bills and other expenses.

If you have suffered a spinal cord injury and believe it was the fault of someone else, speak to an Alpharetta spinal cord injury lawyer today. An attorney could deal with the insurance companies and can represent you in court if you choose to file a lawsuit. They may be the best chance you can give yourself of getting the compensation you deserve.

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