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Alpharetta Side-Impact Collision/T-Bone Accident Lawyers

In addition to a damaged vehicle, those involved in side-impact collisions are often forced to deal with painful and limiting injuries that prevent them from living life as they once did. This can be difficult, especially if a person is unable to work to support themselves or pay for their medical bills.

However, there may be a way to hold the negligent driver responsible and obtain the compensation you need and deserve. An Alpharetta side-impact collisions/T-bone accident lawyer can help you evaluate the circumstances surrounding your injury to determine whether you have a viable claim. If you choose to move forward with a claim, an experienced car accident attorney can advocate for your interests.

Common Causes of Alpharetta Side-Impact Collisions

Side-impact accidents typically occur in parking lots and at intersections where cars are perpendicular to each other. Often, such accidents occur when a driver runs a stop sign or fails to yield the right of way to another. In general, the amount of damage a car sustains will depend on the size of the car it is hit by and the speed at which the impact occurred.

T-bone accidents, also known as direct broadside collisions, occur when a vehicle hits another directly in the side, causing the cars to form a “T” shape. These collisions often occur when a car fails to check their blind spot for other cars.

Why Are These Crashes So Dangerous?

Although they are usually not as damaging as front-end collisions, side-impact collisions can still leave drivers with painful, debilitating, and sometimes, life-threatening injuries. Since they are hit from the side, drivers and passengers are often unaware they are in danger. This means they do not have time to prepare for the impact or take measures to avoid the accident.

The side of a vehicle also does not have as much protection or insulation as the front or back. So, when a car is hit from the side, passengers have little to no protection from the brunt of the impact.

The Impact of These Wrecks on Large vs. Small Vehicles

When a larger vehicle, such as an SUV, truck, or van collides with a smaller passenger vehicle, the outcome can be devastating, especially at high speeds. Since larger vehicles weigh significantly more than smaller vehicles, individuals in passenger vehicles are far more likely to sustain injuries.

When a smaller vehicle collides with a larger, higher vehicle, the passengers in the higher vehicle may sustain more serious injuries. Painful and debilitating injuries such as concussions, brain, and spinal damage and internal bleeding can leave a person permanently disabled or unable to work.

This is a major problem, and when a person does not have a regular income, their entire family can suffer. With the help of an experienced Alpharetta side-impact collisions/T-bone accident lawyer, survivors may be able to obtain compensation for their pain and suffering.

Call an Alpharetta Side-Impact Collisions/T-bone Accident Lawyer

No one should be forced to suffer because of an accident they did not cause just because an insurance company refuses to pay. Compensation can help you pay your medical bills and cover daily expenses. Call an Alpharetta side-impact collisions/T-bone accident lawyer to see whether you have a viable claim.

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