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Alpharetta Rollover Truck Accident Lawyers

Given their immense size, tractor-trailers present a unique hazard on Georgia highways and roads. Few truck accidents are as devastating as a rollover accident, however. A rollover accident occurs when a tractor-trailer tips sideways while driving, causing the truck to roll. Anything in its path – cars, motorcycles, or even pedestrians – could be crushed.

The injuries suffered in a rollover accident may last a lifetime. To cope with the consequences of an accident, it may be in your interest to pursue a lawsuit against the responsible driver with the help of an Alpharetta rollover truck accident lawyer. A skilled truck accident attorney could work with you to recover the compensation you need and deserve.

Factors That May Contribute to Rollover Accidents

Large trucks are impossible to avoid. Unfortunately, accidents can happen when the operators of these large trucks are inattentive or fail to follow the rules of the road. While operating a truck safely is ultimately the responsibility of the driver, there are other factors that can have an impact on a truck rollover accident.

Driver Error

One of the most common causes of rollover accidents is driver error. Whether the truck operator was driving too fast, turned too quickly, or was simply not paying close attention, their actions can cause a large truck to roll over.

Empty Tanks

For trucks hauling liquids, it is vital that the tanks are either completely full or entirely empty. Half-full tanks can cause the liquids to slosh back and forth. This movement of the liquid can throw the truck off balance, causing it to roll.

Improperly Packed Cargo

The method in which the truck is packed can also increase the likelihood of a rollover. For example, if a trailer is top heavy, a truck is far more likely to lose balance and roll. The same can be said when cargo is distributed unevenly on one side or another.

Road Conditions

Road conditions can also affect a truck rollover accident. Conditions such as uneven lanes, narrow roadways, and sharp turns can make an accident more likely. This is especially true in cases where an operator is not paying attention.

Time Limits for Alpharetta Cases

It is essential for anyone injured in a truck rollover accident to take action immediately. This is partially because the statute of limitations requires the filing of a lawsuit within a specified timeframe.

Georgia law, codified at O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33, sets Georgia’s statute of limitations for injury lawsuit at two years from the date of the accident. If an injured person fails to file suit within the two-year time limit, they may not be able to recover any compensation. A seasoned rollover truck accident lawyer in Alpharetta could help make sure these deadlines are met.

Contact an Alpharetta Truck Rollover Accident Lawyer

If you suffered an injury due to a rollover crash, you have options for holding the truck operator or their employer accountable. A civil lawsuit can not only allow you to recover the monetary compensation you deserve, but it can also deter negligent truckers and trucking companies from putting other drivers at risk. Contact an Alpharetta truck rollover accident lawyer today to get started your case.

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