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Alpharetta Overweight Truck Accident Lawyers

Overweight commercial trucks present serious risks on Georgia highways. While any commercial vehicle can cause major injuries when it is involved in a collision, overweight vehicles are especially dangerous. Not only does the oversized load have the potential to cause a greater amount of damage, but it can also lead to top-heavy freight that is especially accident-prone. When overweight trucks lose control and crash, nearby pedestrians and drivers pay the price.

An Alpharetta overweight truck accident lawyer could help you hold the responsible party accountable by seeking damages in an Alpharetta court of law. If you suffered an injury due to a collision with an overweight truck, a dedicated truck accident lawyer is available to provide the help you need.

Risk of Accidents with Overweight Trucks

Trailers are designed to carry a maximum weight for a reason. Overloaded trucks are prone to being top heavy and can frequently lead to cargo shifting in transit. Shifting cargo can cause the driver to lose control and crash. Heavier vehicles also take longer to stop, which can lead to accidents and wear down a truck’s braking system.

The additional weight is not only a factor in the cause of a crash, but it can also magnify the amount of damage caused by the crash as well. An injury victim may be able to recover the costs from damage caused by the responsible truck operator is through contact an Alpharetta overweight truck accident attorney.

Non-Compliance with Load Limits

Due to the risks associated with overweight trucks and the damage they can cause, the State of Georgia adopted regulations (OCGA §32-6-27) that penalize overloaded vehicles. Unfortunately, the fines associated with this regulation are relatively small. This results in a system where trucking companies may still willfully put the public at risk by sending drivers out oversize loads.

The problem stems from the size of the fine for each violation. At only five cents per pound, a commercial vehicle can carry an extra ton of weight while only risking a small fine. The amount of the fine has remained unchanged since the 50s.

Investigating an Overweight Truck Accident in Alpharetta

After a truck accident, law enforcement will move quickly to investigate. However, their priority at the accident scene is to check on the health and welfare of the drivers while determining if any moving violations were committed.

These officers may not pay much attention to whether the vehicle was overloaded. An experienced overloaded truck accident lawyer in Alpharetta could take the steps necessary to preserve the evidence that a truck was overweight. This may include working with experts and seeking copies of logs documenting the cargo in the truck. A seasoned attorney and their staff can also focus on other important issues that might not make it into a police report, such as whether the truck violated city or county ordinances for weight restrictions in addition to state laws.

Speak with a Seasoned Alpharetta Overweight Truck Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in an overweight truck accident, call right away to set up a consultation. With the right Alpharetta overweight truck accident lawyer by your side, you may have a chance at the compensation you deserve. Call today to discuss your options.

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